'Food Magick' Chapter

Food Magic

“What you put in” is perhaps one of the core principles of all magic. You are working with emotion, and memory, and even archetypes associated with food. The power of suggestion in food is strong. Like the way of the wizard, speak unto the world and it is so. You eat the worlds energy.

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Food Magic

Food magic is not unlike many other disciplines, and it can both be tied to healing magic and self transformation. “What you put in” is perhaps one of the core principles of all magic. But the term sorcery, literally means… Seek More

Food Energies

Is color a primary way to identify foods and purpose? Color and smell. This was how alchemists worked too actually, and how many of our modern chemicals got a lot of their descriptive terms assigned. Some rather poisonous fluids smell… Seek More

Food Relationship

Maybe an illustrative exercise. Someone want to pick a food? Carrots. Ok, good pick. To the Native Americans carrots were a person, and so was corn. If carrots were a person, what kind of person would carrots be? Upper body… Seek More

You Are What You Eat

Getting stuck on eating the same foods can get our lives in a rut.  The same with music. You eat color. You eat texture/touch, and you eat sound.  Tell me what you eat habitually. I will tell you about your… Seek More