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There is truth in the world. There is a way in the world. As Sting said, “There is a deeper way than this.” And it is expressed in stillness.

You Are What You Eat in Food Magick

Food Magic

Getting stuck on eating the same foods can get our lives in a rut.  The same with music. You eat color. You eat texture/touch, and you eat sound.  Tell me what you eat habitually. I will tell you about your personality.

Green tea. Thinking, and like the outdoors.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Earthy and sensitive in a balanced mix. Wheat or white bread? It varies. Ok, so you likely go between more earthy and more sensitive.

Spicy and salty. A doer, and prefers a down to earth fix for anything.

Yogurt. Yogurt is an old soul. Grounded even in the face of emotion. Fruit filled or plain yogurt? Favour a flavour? Vanilla or red fruits, occasionally peach. Oh, I see. The advice you always give people is that they should appreciate what they can learn, and not cling to it, and you likely live your own advice.

I like plain unsweetened yogurt? Hmm, you are meditative, and concerned with the purity of your own state.

I like ethnic food. Thai, Indian, Mexican with plain yogurt on it. Rice, raw milk cheese, dark chocolate, strong flavours. You are adventurous, and sort of cosmopolitan. Liberal in your politics, and likely concerned with causes. A bit of an adventurous activist?

But a shy one behind the scenes. Love to travel and try new food, etc. Yes, this is how you ground. You just need the quiet time some, and would welcome a sensitive souls presence in those moments. Though judging by how you eat, you don’t know many.

Boiled potatoes? Those are very impressionable energy wise. So a baked or boiled potato from a healing hand can be amazingly restorative. From an angry hand, it can be down right poisonous. They are actually related to the nightshade plant which was heavily used in herb magic. They used to make a “flying ointment.”

Basically like the way of the wizard, speak unto the world and it is so. You eat the worlds energy. Eat comfort foods, and you will continue to need to eat comfort foods. Try new foods and you will experience new things. Metaphysically we are what we eat. If we eat an argumentative mess, we will be an argumentative mess. If we eat slow sad foods, we will be slow and sad.

What is McDonalds doing for us metaphysically? Usually slowing. It’s the slow, sad food category. They try to mask it with the party imagery, but it’s bad feng shui and this doesn’t compensate for the materials they use. Basically, McDonalds serves comfort foods, and we keep needing comfort.

So slow and sad with dissonance on top? Yes, the dissonance is why kids get so cranky there.

And the underpaid, sometimes angry, people that prepare it can’t help? True, they can’t. You eat their energy when you place your order, and they subconsciously want you to. This is why “eat it!” is a very angry and semi-vulgar phrase.  You eat their desire to punish their boss, and then go to work and want to punish your boss, or your partner if he’s bossy, or she. Have you seen many men who complain about their wives for even stupid things, and eat a lot of McDonalds? A friend of mine lost his marriage over that, and they ate that way all the time.

I’m not being racists, but ever eat at a place that hires a lot of Latino people? They tend to be very accepting and comfy with their work, so it sort of offsets the negative energy, but can’t totally. The food is more earthy at a lot of those places also. Beans and rice, and even if its “junk food”, you can go away feeling ok. It’s often best to have Mexican or Chinese, if you eat away from home.

Intention plays a powerful part in cooking, more than people really know. People who feel they hate the world are poisoned by it, and it’s just because they choose to hate the worlds energy. Even as they eat it, they are poisoning their selves.

Food magic is a good thing to look into. As most of the now supposedly non magical arts arose in magic, so did cooking.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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