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Your Soul in Selling Your Soul

Selling Your Soul

What is a soul?


Essence of being.

Aura? Manifestation of it, yes. Sort of a side effect.

Energy signature.

Pocket of memory.

They give a life purpose. A soul makes you aware that there is a reason for you.

Hopefully, a signature that can’t be forged.

Would you pay a man you met on the street to purchase the local city bridge? No. Why is that? Is he in a spiffy suit? Yes. He is looking very pimp. Furry purple hat and cane? Yes. Then no.

The first thing to make clear today. There is not a being in the multiverse who wants to buy what it can’t have. Your soul is not an object or even quantifiable. There is no amount of soul that if you use it up you will be all out of soul. Soul is a force that causes consciousness to cohere. It serves as a seed that germinates possibilities in the universal field of consciousness, like a God in utero.

Can you own a black hole? Not for very long. The same applies to our bodies even, but down to the topic. Selling your soul.

The world does work on a law of equivalent exchange. Everything exists in a state of relationship with everything else. Even from a materialistic view, the matter of your body, each particle that goes into making up every part of your DNA, is likely still entangled with it’s original source even if that other atom is elsewhere than your body.

You cannot sell your soul literally, because nothing and no one is buying. Some though, do run a racket to have you believe that your soul is a commodity that can be traded in. What you can do is give part of your awareness in exchange for something you think you can attain.

Those silly preachers on TV go on about that. Is it really the devil in you or is it just you? No it isn’t, or yes it is. Both answers are actually true, but the devil in you is the preacher who has been bending your ear for so long. No other devil exists.

The devil I think is the fear they brainwash you with, just like any other school bully. This is part of why I take this form in Second Life. I choose to own what people always said would own me.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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