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There are no coincidences. The line of cause and affect may be very abstract, but it is there.

Equivalent Exchange in Selling Your Soul

Selling Your Soul

You are bound by everything that you would choose to grasp. You are contained by everything that you contain. You are owned by that which you own.

Reality isn’t broken in truth. Reality isn’t actually breakable. What is true is people fail to see things from the perspective of the soul, and therefore operate without awareness of principles that function whether you are aware of them or not. You actually have nothing other than your soul. Everything that you think you possess has come from you giving some measure of your being over to having it.

Most people don’t have strong psychic abilities, because they don’t want to be the medium of perception. They aren’t willing to open themselves to the degree that it takes to perceive anything beyond the organic senses. They refuse to make the exchange, so they don’t have the ability.

One could argue that we have all eternity to sense things psychically, but only a short time to experience the material world. Like saying enough time for sleep in the grave. Indeed, though in fact this isn’t true. In the state beyond this one you exist in a dispersed state, by comparison to this state of being incoherent. This is why the dead can’t go around vandalizing peoples cars freely. They dream rather than see, and when they slip into a deeper sleep they return to this state.

In the past, they have considered hypnotic trance to be an extremely unfocused state. They have discovered that the opposite is true. When in a trance, your focus is higher than normally possible. This is why some people can’t seem to trance. My own autism is not weak beta wave activity, it’s over strong beta waves.

Our big opportunity in life is to choose our focus? Basically sell our soul the way we want to? Yes. Can you think of something you can have without it changing you in any way? I have a happy marriage. It has changed me dramatically. The thing that doesn’t change you, you will not keep. The money that doesn’t change you, you will lose.

A “non-materialistic” example. Many women tell people in general that their husband doesn’t own them, and this is literally true, but not well enough understood. Because these same women often sell themselves on almost everything about their husband, his moods, his likes and dislikes, his whole life history. They give over a very great deal of their awareness to feel connected to their partner, so how is it that their husband doesn’t own them?

When the law of equivalent exchange is preserved, all of this devotion of the soul will be repaid with a response from the relationship. There isn’t just two points in the relationship just like there isn’t just two points in buying something from the store. There are three. There is the man, the woman, and life. When both have given over an equal part of themselves to the life they share, then what they have given is returned with interest.

Is it not the way of masters and subs? That the master feels honoured to have the sub. They see the surrender as a choice. In the case of a healthy domination submission relationship, and they can and do exist… Well, let’s look at one of the most primal soul exchanges. Regardless of your species, there is always an exchange between members of a community, be it cats, dogs, or humans. But it is an equivalent exchange, or should be. The one making the demonstration of strength is making their strength into an offering. The alpha wolf promises by it’s acts of dominance that the pack itself will eat. The head of a pride of lions promises by his dominance that the pride lands and the cubs will be kept safe. Humanity gets it backwards though, but I will go into the bad credit situation a bit later.

Marking territory? The head lion just lazes around. The ladies do all the work. They do all the hunting. They don’t look after the cubs until the cubs are ready to hunt, and the resting place of the females is kept safe by the male as well. It is a form of lion housekeeping, I guess. Nature doesn’t hate the house husband. They are rather common, or the male bird incubating the eggs while the female goes off to eat.

What the submissive promises is the advantage of numbers. That they will remain among the number that forms their group unit. Even if that group is only two, they offer their cooperation with the dominant ones efforts. Because as strong as they may be, they are still seriously limited, even weak without the support of their own kind. A rogue of any species that stays rogue for very long dies early.

Now, humans think better of this, meaning they think they know better than this, but this is not the case. Humans try to take without exchange, but what they succeed in doing is taking while being blind to the cost. The exchange always happens anyway.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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    I sold my soul for the chance to come back to life 9 times.

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