'Selling Your Soul' Chapter

Selling Your Soul

Soul is a force that causes consciousness to cohere. Your soul is not an object. There is no amount of soul that if you use it up you will be all out of soul. You cannot sell your soul literally, because nothing and no one is buying. Some though do run a racket to have you believe that your soul is a commodity that can be traded in and what you can do is give part of your awareness in exchange for something you think you can attain.

Your soul is valuable for what it is. Useful for what it is not. It is immeasurably valuable because it is your life. Your very being. Nothing can take your soul from you, but you can and do give it. People give their soul to gods, to countries, to moneys, to art, to relationships, to ambitions. So do you know where your soul is invested? Do you know where your soul is spent? Do you know where your credit actually comes from?

“To sell your soul is the easiest thing in the world. That’s what everybody does every hour of his life. If I asked you to keep your soul – would you understand why that’s much harder?” Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

“Can’t sell your soul for peace of mind.” Tom Petty

Your Soul

What is a soul? Consciousness? Essence of being. Aura? Manifestation of it, yes. Sort of a side effect. Energy signature. Pocket of memory. They give a life purpose. A soul makes you aware that there is a reason for you.… Seek More

Equivalent Exchange

You are bound by everything that you would choose to grasp. You are contained by everything that you contain. You are owned by that which you own. Reality isn’t broken in truth. Reality isn’t actually breakable. What is true is… Seek More

Purpose Of The Soul

In a spiritual relationship, both partners surrender to a higher force, knowledge or God. Indeed. A man might try to get a wife like he might get a job, and he has a good chance of losing both. A woman… Seek More

Sell Your Soul

The idea that you can just take always creates bad credit, also known as bad karma. If you desire great things, if you desire world changing things, you will have to sell your soul completely, and most people refuse. They… Seek More

Missing Part of Yourself

It’s always been suspected that anyone who practices anything of the “dark arts” is in danger of losing their soul or spirit. So this is what I intend to talk on as this is the dark metaphysics class. First, we… Seek More

Partitions and Patterns in Reality

Reality is structured in a partitioned way. Our brains are, our perception of the passage of time, we even think of life as passing in stages or phases. It’s sort of like living many lives, but in the course of… Seek More

Consequence of Spirit Loss

Now the consequence of spirit loss… Ever notice what happens to a television series when it loses its continuity? “Jumping the shark” as it’s described when Fonzie jumped the shark… when a show reaches too far and loses cohesion. They’re… Seek More

Dealing with Spirit Loss

How can spirit loss be used in a metaphysical practice? In spirit retrieval practices, the recognition that you can lose a part of the source energy you draw from, and learning how to recover that. The flip side of this… Seek More