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Sadness isn’t itself a virtue. You know your heart best when it breaks, and you can come to see, that though you feel grief, your heart isn’t actually “broken”.

Missing Part of Yourself in Selling Your Soul

Selling Your Soul

It’s always been suspected that anyone who practices anything of the “dark arts” is in danger of losing their soul or spirit. So this is what I intend to talk on as this is the dark metaphysics class.

First, we will explore the issue of what it would mean to lose some portion of your being like that. Have any of you ever felt like you were missing some part of yourself? Like maybe you didn’t recognize yourself at that time?

One of the world’s most universal elements of spirituality and religion is not just the idea of the spirit or soul, but the concept that this essence which we bear and name, such as a soul, is a borrowed asset, mutable and perhaps endangerable. But what could endanger a soul?

The loss of free will?

Perhaps we could make a bargain with it? Faust?

Separation from the sensation of consciousness? Being separated from yourself, like trapped in a box?

The idea of selling your soul to the devil seems to be used to describe a loss of choice of some kind.

Even taking consciousness and self-awareness from an entirely physicalist point of view, if something were to act on your central nervous system and especially your brain in such a way as to not kill it but use it for purposes other than your own, what would that be but loss of some portion of your soul? Brain tumors, viral infection, even chemical imbalance from environmental exposure. These all can make us feel less “like ourselves.”

So is it fair to say we have all felt at least for a time as if we were missing some part of ourselves?

Certain chemicals make me feel less connected to my own brain like pot and whatever is spewing from my computer.

When we feel in a rut perhaps? That phrase actually illustrates the basic mechanism of spirit loss.

Does our spirit have its own memory, or does it rely on the brain for storage? It is memory. Incarnation is just a spirit cache procedure. We cache a portion of our essence in a limited amount of matter, and then proceed to use this subscribed matter to further explore and elaborate on our awareness. So brains are flash drives.

My recurrent dream image lately, of having a second apartment that I’m not using and trying to get back to it, is that perhaps a missing or put down spirit part? That is the most commonly reported indicator of spirit loss, yes, as is encounters with a shadow presence that seems to threaten our personal integrity or free will.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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