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When you stop taking things so seriously then you start seeing them clearly.

Partitions and Patterns in Reality in Selling Your Soul

Selling Your Soul

Reality is structured in a partitioned way. Our brains are, our perception of the passage of time, we even think of life as passing in stages or phases. It’s sort of like living many lives, but in the course of what we think of as a single life. Do we always make it out of one of these phases whole?

The places our stray spiritual bits get stuck… This doesn’t happen everywhere and all the time, only in certain circumstances and at specific times in our lives, but when it happens we feel like we “lose heart”, like we have lost a significant amount of our personal strength.

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We don’t each of us make up our own spiritual world from whole cloth. We all live in this world, and we share these experiences. Ever hear the phrase “Hell is other people”?

Yes, from No Exit. Sartre. It’s a half truth, but useful for being a half truth. Those partitions in reality I spoke of earlier? In the collective unconscious they all overlap with each other, like information gravitating to things of its kind, as is the general nature of even physical reality. This is why though dark matter forms the greatest part of mass in our universe, we have no ability at all to “see it.” Just a step sideways and our own matter would behave the same way. Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it has no presence in our nature. Just as dark matter influences our normal matter, dark spirit influences our spirit, and our closest neighbouring region of dark spirit would be what many cultures have called the underworld. It’s the underworld because this state of being feels heavy, more restrictive and oppressive of our being than our normal daily life usually is, but this underworld mirrors our own at every point. Know what patterns are impressed there?

Patterns from us? Yes. A select portion of our patterns. Neuroscience has discovered something that I have been speaking on for a while, so it’s verified if that earns it any points. States of negative affect produce more powerful electrical spikes in our nervous system than do positive moods.

Deeper memory impact? Ultimately, but even stranger, granite and other naturally occurring minerals tend to maintain steady and cohesive electromagnetic fields. You can sit on a boulder and get a bit of a buzz because of the electromagnetic / radioactive emissions coming off of it.

Maybe that’s why they are calming? That is why they are calming, yes, and also why they are distressing. People were burying the dead in cavern systems for a very long time.

So our capitals shouldn’t be made of marble? It likely would be best if they were made of wood.

My guide in China wouldn’t go into the dam because she was uncomfortable with the building material. It can make people feel very physically uncomfortable if they haven’t grown up used to the exposure like most Americans have.

So couple the grief of death with the tendency of above ground points of mineral extrusion to absorb and conduct the energy of day to day fears and other distressing passions, and even before our day and age, you have a recipe for what the South American natives called it already, Xibalba “the place of all fear.”

Cemeteries or headstones, or the energies of older buildings like medieval cathedrals. They often take on similar haunting energies.

But this spirit loss doesn’t always manifest in what we would think of as negative ways. One can “give ones soul to god”, and suffer the same spirit loss, but the end result feels much different. They do nothing by themselves.

These places are ‘sticky’ for our spirit? So they can grab bits? It’s more like a photographic impression than an adhesive trap.

I don’t know anyone who has given ALL of his soul to god. You have heard of them certainly, martyrs, saints. Their remains are still held in many of the oldest chapels.

Terrorists? Even terrorists, yes.

Do they give part of their brains as well? And yes, they do give over portions of their brain, even to the point of a borderline split personality forming, Freud’s superego.

I wonder if I could give parts of my soul to trees, animals, other natural phenomena. That is possible, yes. It was actually a deliberate part of Native American spirituality.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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