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Consequence of Spirit Loss in Selling Your Soul

Selling Your Soul

Now the consequence of spirit loss… Ever notice what happens to a television series when it loses its continuity?

“Jumping the shark” as it’s described when Fonzie jumped the shark… when a show reaches too far and loses cohesion. They’re desperate for plot lines.

It seems like many shows lose their original writers after two or three seasons and hack writers take over. The first writers had originality, but the writers that take over use nothing but overused tropes and memes.

Native American shamans were concerned about spirit loss because it caused members of their tribe to lose strength and skill. The member of the tribe would lose their spirit, seem to lose ability to remember things, even lose the will to eat or live at all, just for a moment.

That sounds like depression. Perhaps in our modern thinking it is depression, and when one delves into the darker practices of the spiritual or occult, often they are confronted with ideas and perceptions as well as habits that can challenge ones sense of vibrancy and enthusiasm for life.

Are you saying it changes them as a person? i.e. Fundamentally who they are? If you pair down the soul to the base monad then I would have to answer no, it doesn’t change them like that. The atman, as the Brahmans refer to it, is itself immutable, but it can change enough of one’s spiritual legacy that they can carry it with them for a very long time. There is some investment of spirit when one embraces any consensus model of reality, and then if circumstances separate them from their previous body of experience, it can feel like they owed some part of themselves to an outside force and lost it.

“Consensus model”? Orthodox psychiatry is one consensus model of consciousness and perception, religion would be another, science a third. It’s easy to lose mostly due to human nature.

If you dedicate yourself to a model of consciousness, part of your soul can get trapped in that belief? Yes. You mould that portion of your being to conform to that expectation, and can with crisis temporarily separate from it.

Do you think animals are spared this loss of spirit? Usually yes, though not entirely. For animals, the exchange that arises from a normal balance of spirit isn’t readily subject to arbitrary ideation. They can come to invest a portion of their energy in a relationship, like with a human companion, but for the most part they do not fabricate forms and project themselves into these.

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