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Life is lived in moments.

Spirit of State in Blue Magick

Applied Blue Magick

Perhaps a personal example. As a young person I was frequently asked to be quiet, and I use the word ‘asked’ loosely. So I came to have beliefs about being quiet. It didn’t matter what I thought or imagined about it. There was the experience of the person’s behaviour and words, and the outcomes of being quiet or not being quiet. My choice had nothing to do with it, but were the literal events the same as the involved beliefs? Mine or the other persons? I would later come across a wider range of behaviours associated with my acquired beliefs about being quiet.

Much of the programming we get in school is to be an obedient worker, not to be a self-actualized human being. No doubt your perception of being quiet was different than the teacher’s. Actually, this was my parents and siblings. I was not very vocal in school, and my beliefs about being quiet have become considerably more complicated over time. Every belief is a combination of perception and state of being, and perceptions and states of being become associated with each other regardless of perceived order in time.

I got a detention for asking a friend for a pencil. Seems a bit extreme.

I saw the teacher years later and she smiled at me and in my head I was thinking “You know what you did.” Indeed, I have observed you have some mild contempt for would be teachers.

I suppose I hold a grudge. Actually, you hold a state. You come to identify with the state bodily. It becomes your body language, and even your biological language. Have any of you experienced states of comfort that you had no reason for experiencing that you were conscious of?

Like that just hit me all of a sudden? Like the conviction you liked someone though with no conscious reason why? And they can be spontaneous and in the moment, yes. Your mind associates states of being into an entire memory of that state, unified. It could be called the spirit of that state, a spirit or essence of peace, and it will begin applying the associations it has made without any conscious effort on your part. Like a primal predictive algorithm, you will come to supposedly discover new beliefs as your life goes on.

Some irrational fears due to associative negative events. Indeed. These discovered beliefs are really emergent conclusions based on previous development.

I find that so odd that our systems do this binding. Odd, but there is a reason.

In our therapy practises we effect change of this by a process called hihia … peeling off the layers of the associated elements. Deconstructing a belief. Yes, getting to the core of where the entanglement occurred.

Shall I go non-human for a while?

Your kidneys have beliefs also. In fact, they hold many of the beliefs that make no sense to you as you conceive of yourself as a so called thinking being. Your kidneys believe in your stress patterns. They have the perceptual information every time you experienced pain, and pain is pain. It doesn’t matter if your body hurts or your emotions hurt, and they have come to be able to predict signals from your body. It will begin performing their function even when just one or two of those signals are present. This is heavily involved in things like post traumatic stress disorder. No amount of apparent thinking seems to help this stop does it? Your kidneys and adrenal glands just keep behaving as if they have a mind of their own.

No. You can’t think your way through a panic attack. I do believe you can suppress it for a period of time. You don’t think your way into beliefs. You believe the things that change your environment, inside or out. They have even tested this in labs. They gave a drug a specific taste and fed it to lab rats. The lab rat’s bodies responded to the drug. Later they fed the lab rats only a substance that gave the taste, and their bodies began behaving as if they had received that drug. The body believed what it’s senses told it and obeyed commands, but the commands it was obeying all related to state. We track state of being, emotion, state of mind, and obey this even beyond the dictates of our senses. In fact, the flow of information is reversed. Your senses will obey your memory of state. Your sense of not who you are, but how you are. Important difference there.

You believe how you are breathing, not that you are breathing. You care very little about the abstract notion of breathing, but you are very aware of how you are breathing. You believe how you are thinking. You may very well be willing and able to think any number of things, entertain just about any idea, but you will care very much about how you are thinking, and should a thought disrupt that, you will reject it no matter what the content or quality of the thought might be. If something challenges your sense of how you think, not what you think, but how, you will feel threatened.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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