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Reflection of a Belief in Blue Magick

Applied Blue Magick

I must open (as is often the case) with a question. What governs your behaviour?


Ideas of myself?

If emotion, do we always act out on the immediate impulse?

Not if we are mature.

If elements of self image, do we never act out of character?

We do. Often if under stress.

If you wanted to control the whole world as human beings are interested in it, how would you start?


Give them entertainment.

Both interesting and valid observations. The basic mechanism of blue magick is belief, and belief doesn’t function in the common sense way most consider it to.¬†At every moment and in every stage of your life, you have experiences which you automatically believe. Do you not believe that you awoke this morning?

Yes, but I have dreamed I woke up and then woke up later and been very confused.

Every moment of this nature consists not of a single element but of two; the perception or sensory information about the event, and your state of being during that event, your frame of mind. Recently, many old and vehemently held notions about the human mind have been upturned. One of which is that your basic personality remains fixed after a certain point in your early development. Experiences, head injury, chronic stress, and changing self image have all been proven to change the basic element of human personality.

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Would you say your MS attack had no impact on who you feel yourself to be?

No. How would you say it has changed your belief in who you are?

Right now, I’d say it was disorienting but the sense of impermanence is impacting. May I use that notion later in class? Sure.

Beliefs consist of sensory experience and personal state at the time. Beliefs are most often not those things you profess to other people openly. A well practised and habitual train of thought may have only limited impact on behaviour if it has any at all.

Beliefs are held in what science is calling implicate memory. The unspoken knowing that lets us do things and recognize things without consciously thinking about it, and your beliefs are not automatically chosen by you. Many claim to believe what they want to believe, or claim that others will simply believe what they want to believe, but this is blatantly not true. We share both the medium of sensory experience, and the range of experiences we typically consider to be states or frame of mind, feeling states, and the one does not automatically correlate to the other does it?

People won’t believe their senses if they contradict a belief. Yes, the brain can be tracked doing that.

Perhaps a more concrete example. You may have experienced pleasure at eating chocolate, but also had the experience of being laughed at while eating chocolate. This may give rise to the belief that pleasure at eating chocolate can only be experienced conditionally, though in fact your body has the same experience physically every time you taste chocolate.

Many of those things happened in childhood and we don’t recall the source. Yes, the implicate memory. Your brain retains it as having potential value even if it doesn’t play a role in your conscious thought any more. The process of belief is inherently associative, and our primary association is with ourselves. We identify as being who we are, as well as being where we are and as doing what we are doing, and every place we are has additional associations. Every task we undertake also has additional associations, presumed reasons of intentions behind activity. Can you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable world?

Part of everything you do is motivated by the simple fact that you are asked to, are required to, and you experience your own thoughts coupled with the experience of other peoples behaviour whenever an activity like this occurs. Not just simply that you were requested to do something and you did it. You have a memory of how that person acted and ideas of why they chose to ask you for that. You adopt the reflection of a belief that was originally held by the first person.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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