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Post-modernism let’s us laugh at the sinister takeover of the planet. The infinite regress keeps your doubts certain and your ideas unsure. If you have a good idea, it might be a post-post-modern one and not a pre-post-modern one. Who knows. Test the waters.

Thinking vs Knowing in Thought


All things we know. I use the word “know” in contrast to the word “think“. They have their origin outside of the reel of our consciousness we recognize as rational thought.

How often in all of this rational thought do we ask another, “What do you want?” And they respond “I don’t know”? Or “How do you feel?” And they respond “I don’t know”? In my experience, it’s all too common and they answer truthfully because they are being “rational”. They see only small things, and they do not know and are paralyzed. They cannot truly live. They cannot express their souls potential because they think they do not know.

Some say you would have to experienced everything to truly know what you want. I would disagree. There is only one thing you have to experience, yourself. Your drives, your feelings. They don’t come from outside of you. No one can give you the ability to love, you just have it. It is part of your nature. The true desires are of self expression.

Our circumstances do have an effect on us as we do on them. The idea that our circumstances are or are not what we want is thinking. In any given situation, you are capable of self expression and this self has a center. We are at our center, life itself. Life seeks to grow, to continue, to endure and evolve, to adapt and know every bit of its potential. We do have enduring drives. Desires that can transcend the simple circumstance of the moment.

Perhaps this is what they refer to when they speak of the need to transcend. When we think of circumstance, even positive circumstance, do we not to some degree feel confined? If you are wealthy, you are constrained to manage this wealth. If you are in a passionate relationship, you are motivated by it and thus your actions will be in that context.

Do our desires distort our perceptions? Actually, I think our thinking distorts the relationship between desire and perception. How often have we sought something like love only to find we already had it? Or success, to find we were already content? Desire is not a negative force. Ego. The idea of what we are and what we must have. This is the source of the confusion.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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