'Thought' Chapter


When you have different thoughts in your mind. Is that a disagreement? Not necessarily. You can see the middle of the idea and its shadow. There are two possible objects of identification. There is your thinking…your self image…learned patterns…the objects of memory and experience, and there is the consciousness that came before that. Who you were before you became concerned with who you are.

The domain most people recognize as thought is not the only realm of mental operation, and from my own view it’s all one thing. How I see it, everyone always has something not their mind. Their attention just may be elsewhere.

Some say silence is the response, but silence is not truly a response. It’s the third point in duality. The Tao between the five Chinese elements. Silence gives thought form.

You can think of two things at the same time, and that is good my friend. But the two ideas go hand in hand. You can’t imagine an emotion, but you can recall or imagine an event that triggers the emotion.

Can you think of several things in different layers? Yes, but this can be clarified. You can think in a focused way or more broadly. You can think of home and in that way trigger all the associations of the idea. Or you can think of your kitchen and narrow it. You can think in rapid sequence and not loose track of your thoughts, the mind can be very fast.

The process doesn’t know if you’re fooling yourself.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Aristotle

Limitations of Rational Thought

It seems one of the significant stumbling blocks in both spiritual and practical matters is how we have been conditioned to think “rationally.” We are led to believe that by breaking things down to ideas we label as “facts” that… Seek More

Words as a Road Sign

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Thinking vs Knowing

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Escaping Control

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Observations on Consciousness

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Questioning Minds

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