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Feeling you have to do what you can’t, prevents you from doing what you can.

Observations on Consciousness in Thought


Do you think they have special labs with deep thinkers on hallucinogenics? No, Leary was not very well funded, and Project Stargate is supposedly closed. Those dabbling in consciousness enhancement seem to have fallen flat on their faces. Rather than revile altered consciousness maybe they should look into it more.

They are making breakthroughs with consciousness experiments and meditation is on the rise, but they want a meat machine function for the meditation research. Supposedly meditation is a gainful practice for making the meat machine brain work better. The idea of the brain having any quantum level functions of consciousness is seen by most as absurd.

Is it the brain that does the “hearing”?  Many people ear things, few people hear them. The ear works quite mechanically. It takes no effort to ear things. What’s your view on presynaptic cognitive function, and what would epigenetic factors have on that? 

In the case of my seizure disorder, according to the scientific definition of cognitive function, I should not have been self ware. I was, and in my case there are some deviances in the neural architecture that cause a strange recursive loop in neural signals and egad the feedback on my mirroring nervous system. They simplify it by saying I’m self absorbed. Short term memory won’t clear like “normal”, and my synaptic processes won’t abate with the stimuli, so I see a lot of afterimages. My brain experiences all sound as two tone. So how is my thinking at all coherent, or doesn’t it not seem to be?

I don’t experience the sense data, so my reaction seems slower to “normal function”. I process the repeater patterns first, and damn if that data isn’t a mess. I have to focus hard to engage on a sensory level.

Have I ever been in a fight or flight situation? Yes, and tend to get in early. I fly or fight too fast, and thus avoid a lot of things. Then people go “how did you know?” This is really an annoying question at times as for me it’s all very tangible. I also see the after math. The part of the brain that is responsible for projecting so that you can recognize images even if they change since last they presented themselves, like peoples faces. It works in over drive for me and is part of the mirroring nervous system which reproduces state data from others so you can analyse and recognize it yourself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Barry Backus

    Good article. I would revise though for those that are not so psychologically literate.

    On that subject, how do you know that you’re hearing what you are? You assume that because you hear something, everyone else does also. Perhaps they hear it also, but its focused out of consciousness because it has no relevance to their current function. Do we really hear what we think we are, or do we hear what we want to hear?

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