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Absolute truth speaks in silence, and none can fail to heed it’s voice.

Purpose Of The Soul in Selling Your Soul

Selling Your Soul

In a spiritual relationship, both partners surrender to a higher force, knowledge or God. Indeed. A man might try to get a wife like he might get a job, and he has a good chance of losing both. A woman may try to get love, like she might get a jug of milk, and discover this so called love rapidly spoils just like the milk. Neither considers fully what it means to have what they want. What must happen because of their choices though the consequences follow as certainly as night follows day.

If you see these exchanges from the point of the soul, what part of your mind has room for your desire, then you can see clearly what your odds are, and see clearly the consequence of making one choice over another.

The ego? Beyond the ego. The ego is pocket lint. A side effect of trying to cram your heart full of things you don’t have a connection with. You start to form ideas about what the things you want must mean you are. This would be like me solemnly declaring I am a cell phone.

Your soul is valuable for what it is. Useful for what it is not. It is immeasurably valuable because it is your life. Your very being. The use of the soul comes when we see clearly what it is not. It’s use is as a reference point for the awareness of life as a whole. The words you say to another. That moment you take to smile and wave at a friendly face. That simple bit of pocket change you give to the homeless guy just because he asked. That is the purpose of the soul. Even the challenge you offer someone you vehemently disagree with for whatever reason. This also adds meaning.

Nothing can take your soul from you, but you can and do give it. People give their soul to gods, to countries, to moneys, to art, to relationships, to ambitions. You can give blindly and wonder why you aren’t given proper credit in life, or you can give in full awareness of what you will receive.

So I only can give my soul to my divine purpose. Indeed. But that will branch out, as the divine by its nature is all encompassing.

Or awareness and right action is my purpose. Yes, and this giving of your soul to that ideal may be the most gratifying experience you could possibly have. Only you can have self knowledge, and only you can help prevent forest fires. That is both a silly pun and part of the topic as well. All exchanges are exchanges of energy, and like any exchange of heat energy, energies spread from their starting point. So sort of like the snowball effect, you don’t need someone else to light your fire. You light your own or put it out based on how you chose your actions. You suck all of the air out of your fire when you try to vacuum what you desire to you.

But sometimes it seems you are controlled. What is control? Control is having your hand on the off switch, and yes, it can feel like the switch is flipped for you, but that is because you have a situation where credit is due. Everything you owe will be collected. Everything you take will be taken from you.

You mean energy drain? Yes. Only what you receive can be kept.

On the subject that inevitably arises when people think of selling your soul, supernatural possession, your soul cannot be owned by another being. But it can become intimately entangled by any other being, and some beings do actively seek this state of entanglement for any of a variety of purposes. Human beings seek it even more than non-human beings do. It can be possession by one of the departed, or by any other being, even by one of your past lives. The source of the possession is actually irrelevant.

I can possess myself? You can, and often with equally negative results. They call negative self possession schizophrenia. Positive self possession is called genius. They often say that a genius acts like they are possessed.

Can I possess my future self to create a better life for me in that future life? You can, and you are doing so now. People do it all the time. The seeming possessed moments you experience now are the action of your past self on you now.

Addiction with myself? You can be addicted to self as well, or specifically to an idea of self. Addiction to true self is just being fully alive. It has no compulsive elements, but yes, you can become so impassioned about a desired state that later on you haunt yourself into doing it. The process is no different when it involved outside forces.

So relaxation is a good thing, neutral. Neutrality in the face of your own desire just acknowledges the truth. But possession becomes possible when you are intimately sold on something about your future, or about the world that another being is attuned to.

But can you also get too lazy? Laziness is a risk, because apathy denies exchange.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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