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Simple truth, there is no such thing as absolute change. In any change that occurs in your life something always endures.

Sell Your Soul in Selling Your Soul

Selling Your Soul

The idea that you can just take always creates bad credit, also known as bad karma. If you desire great things, if you desire world changing things, you will have to sell your soul completely, and most people refuse. They say they want world peace, but don’t want to give their lives over to that. They say they want absolute truth, but are unwilling to give their entire heart over to that. If you want absolute truth and ice-cream, you will actually get the ice cream.

There is a reason for this. In part, human desires are often their own form of egotism. They concoct ideals not out of love, but actual disdain for this world we live in, and the world in all its patience gives them the truth. The truth is the ice cream. Your life is all bought and paid for or will be paid for soon. You don’t actually owe your life to anything or anyone, nor can you.

What I mean by saying your life is all bought and paid for… Even the cheap knock offs you may have accepted as substitutes for something you desired is because you couldn’t have got it without giving what it took. You couldn’t have gotten the violence in your life without giving what it took. You couldn’t have gotten the peace in your life without again giving what it took. For some whose life is hell on earth, they must give what seems like everything in order to have anything, war survivors and people like that. But even in their case, they often still keep something from that former life. An element of strength maybe, or a conviction about living with compassion, or post traumatic stress disorder, any of this can happen, and it doesn’t happen because it’s someones fault.

It’s actually true that nothing is anyone’s fault. Nobody is faulty. No one is broken. They have what they paid for. They got a fair deal. They may want better, and they may even get it, but they will get it only by paying for it. From their heart, with their time and energy.

No need to complain. Indeed. Complaining is like knowingly buying a broken coffee cup from a store and then complaining to the store owner that it’s broken. Life comes to everyone the same way, as is. Funny thing though, life is pretty mysterious. We often think we get a bad deal when in fact we receive a fortune. The reason for this is because we can’t really see what life is. We have no way of knowing its true state in any clearly definable way. So to add to that earlier statement, life comes to you as is, but not as it is. Life comes to you as you are. The coffee cup is only as broken as you think you are. Ever notice happy people in the customer service line at the store? Is it true that everyone goes to the customer service line? The store can give you a new coffee cup, and you will still be unhappy with it. They can’t give you the awareness of what you have hidden from yourself.

If I am happy, my focus may be talking to bored people in the line. Indeed. You might stop and chat with a friend there, but when that’s done you go about your business because you are already fulfilled.

Or I just filled myself up with a laugh. Even just a laugh is a valuable exchange. Funny people are wealthy people even before they actually become wealthy, but there are other wealthy people as well.

When you think you are spent, your money always seems to be spent. You can always get your investment back, always, but if you’re honest, you will likely find yourself noticing that you don’t really want to. Your soul shows what it wants when you just let yourself want things. When you openly embrace experience. The whole world may not see you, and you may not see the whole world, but you will see yourself and see yourself very clearly.

They become owned by their bills when they choose not to see options. They can choose to end services they don’t really want, and they can go through the legal process made available to people who can’t make their credit situation work, but they can’t have their pride and eat it too. You can’t have an ego and be egotistical. If you have self, then nothing you do will be confined to yourself. When you don’t have self, everything you do will be defined by self images. Your self images will have you. Simple way to avoid that, share your masks. Realize that happy face and sad face are everyone’s face. Let anyone be the leader. Lead anyone, join everyone, and stand apart from them so they can join you elsewhere. These are the choices you are making.

So do you know where your soul is invested? Do you know where your soul is spent? Do you know where your credit actually comes from?

I just hope there aren’t massive late fees on my credit. Never any late fees. You can never be late. There is no such thing as time. Just truth unfolding in the wide range of apparent time space we call life.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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