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Personal Orientation of Magick in Black Magick

Black Magick

Today we are talking about black magick. Everybody knows about the concept, and everybody seems to have a different idea of what it is and what it is about. What are your thoughts on black magick?

You mean as a practicing witch? Certainly, if that is your point of view.

White/ black/ red/ gray magic, different aspects of how we utilize our energy. Or if you favor the Native American model, white/ black/ yellow/ red.

Black being the taking form? Taking, giving, doing, thinking.

It’s centered on the principle of destruction? Any spell can be destructive if you aren’t skilled in using it well. We will explore that in this topic.

These views are a part of black magick, yes. How many fear it’s creepy?

Fear is healthy though, keeps you from burning your lab down. Fear can be healthy. Beating heart is healthy too, but if it beats too hard or too fast it can kill you.

Though magick is not by itself a religion, it still involves an element of theological understanding. This is all magick, not just black. Ultimately, theology is the branch of philosophy that tries to answer the “god” question and the relating questions around that. The god question being, “Is there a god?” It is not necessarily a simple yes or no question. One former branch of magick more or less answers the question that there is no god. It was originally called natural philosophy, but we now call it science. There are many schools, and by school I mean philosophy, and many of them answer the god question positively. That there is indeed a god and god is good.

Does science always seek one simple answer or can there be compromises? Ultimately, science seeks the most reduced answer. So with its current state and structure, they always try for one answer and one only.

Magick itself is both an art and a science. The insights and wisdom and other lore of magick are focused on effective ways of dealing with the world, which means there has to be a useful outcome even if it’s just that you learn something in thinking about it and are calmer after practising it. But magick is also an art in that the outcome you determine to achieve is considered a valid and “true” result. An answer I can accept is a valid answer in magick. One that speaks to me personally is good.

What do you mean by a valid and true result? Well, example. Some would say preparing a potato so its burned on the outside is a bad outcome. It isn’t what they desire. For others that is the intended outcome. The charring alters the flavor of the potato in a way they want. So to bring that back to magick, when you arrive at an outcome that satisfies your personal needs, you were successful at magick.

So it is all about personal needs? That and by extension the needs of life. It can be about helping others as well. Science could really use a return to the personal orientation. In worshipping their “is-not-god”, they have done wonders for harming our earth.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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