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Power as the Reward of Virtue in Black Magick

Black Magick

We all undertake our actions on the background of an awareness of god or a god like concept. Even if you call your god “truth”, you still have some idea of what it is all about, and why anything you’re doing actually matters.

Now what contrasts black magick from white magick is not something as touchy and confusing as what people call good and evil. What distinguishes black magick from white magick is it’s orientation in regards to the cosmic background or context. In white magick, the student/ practitioner tries to keep balance with the overall cosmic will. They try to make peace and play nice with the divine and all life around them. With me so far? In white magick, virtue is the reward of actions or power exercised. You work to do good in white magick.

Black magic is more rebellious? No, not necessarily rebellious. In the domain of black magick, they do not see harmony with the universe as the ultimate good, as the universe itself seems just as ready to enact chaos and strife as it is to create harmony. The black magician sees the carrying out of one’s own personal will as the ultimate contribution to truth and the most honest way of keeping in touch with reality.

It’s like industry in that it takes from the environment? Well yes, in many cases today that is as far as black magick goes. Those who attune themselves to this dynamic in the world tend to be stunted, short sighted, but are there not those who do harm in the name of peace as well? Like the police in the States at times?

Black magick is in a degenerate state because it has been kept secret, the privilege of a select few spoiled brats. But to summarize black magick, they see power as the reward of virtue.

Is witchcraft still seen as black magic? Only by those who haven’t investigated it at all, which is still most people. There are many schools of witchcraft, which is something between a religion and a magickal discipline, incorporating elements of both, and some are more accepting of the darker path in the world than others. But witchcraft itself is not the same as black magick. There are black magick disciplines that have nothing to do with witchcraft.

There are large underground groups such as the skull and bones that use this “magic”. Bohemian Grove. Indeed. And huge political/economic figures are part of these groups.

Are there simple black magicks one can try that won’t really hurt anyone or anything? Indeed. It’s just a mental exercise. Visualize something you want very much, and work up as powerful a feeling of greed as you can, get as passionate as you can while remaining focused on the thing you desire, and then clear your head.

Hmmm, and then I might find a cookie is brought to me? You might, yes, or you might incidentally hear of a place that has a sale on cookies.

In black magickal thinking, power is the evidence of truth, but there is the potential for a more enlightened approach to black magick.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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