The great prophets were described as madmen.

Enlightened Power in Black Magick

Black Magick

Shall we discuss enlightened power? Today’s seekers of power are just looking for excuses for acting on short sighted impulse, so they are burned by their own power because they are too hasty.

Remember earlier I said that the black magician see’s power as the evidence of truth? Well, where people go wrong is seeking power for its own sake, power for no other reason than to lord it over others, to raise their status somehow, and as they say, pride goes before a fall. True power isn’t separated from purposes, and the wise black magician always keeps their sense of purpose clear.

The power comes in the cookie makers making me believe I need only their cookies? That is one way, but even that will still ultimately cause problems.

What is the wise black magicians sense of purpose? Their sense of purpose arises from the call to ascension. They do not believe that the ultimate place is held by one being, or that any being should hold its power unchallenged. They believe truth comes in the testing and is preserved by it.

Also very like science? It has some elements that differentiate it from science, or at least hard science. It has a distinctly sociological element to it as well.

And combat as well. Yes. Combat is strong in it, but many of these virtues are not held uniquely by black magick. There are points of view between black and white that also share in some of these qualities.

Is it not true that magic permeates all of creation? It is true, and has many facets.

So even if we are not “aware” of our impact, we are all magicians? This is true. The artist is a magician, the scientist is one also, the politician is one, so is the mother figure, the cook and the teacher. They all are, everyone is.

We all also have a center of gravity, so to speak. Not only do we attract people, things and events, but we are attracted to them as well. There is nothing really to be gained by declaring one of the territories of magick off limits, and much to be lost.

I did an experiment on getting random things and it worked really well. I opened a dictionary and chose the first picture I saw, and had the intention that I’d find it. I did it three times and they all came up. It can be that simple.

One was a sea vegetable and that night I walked by an art gallery that had a ceramics show on sea creatures including said vegetables. I didn’t think that one would come up in the desert.

I did a love spell when I was in high school. It worked, but later backfired badly. Ah, naturally. This is why I speak of these big picture structures. They are real and do mean something.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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