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How does saving people work? And if you can save people from themselves isn’t that tyranny?

Fire of Magick in Black Magick

Black Magick

In white magick, the focus is on the communal network, on sharing and helping and trusting, healing and communicating shared beliefs. The white magick pattern is like a spider web. Everything connected to and reinforcing everything else.

Star spider dancing. Yes. That is white magick.

That is all magic, I thought. All energy. It is, but energy takes many forms, and sensing the other forms can help us find our way sometimes.

In black magick, reality is like a fire. A spark of will starts in one place and jumps to another, or gets expressed in one person and influences another. As the spark spreads nothing is left in its original form. Some might say it is destroyed, but since nothing can actually be lost or destroyed, it’s really just radically rearranged.

Is this why the goal of a protest is so often lost? That is, yes. If you bury a fire in fuel, you will put it out. You can kill a fire by snuffing a spark with sawdust. Where most black magick practitioners go wrong is losing touch with the fire itself.

In building a website, it seems like the underlying network is white, but there is the black skimming over it. How so? The internet is like a spider web, all points connected, but how people find things is seemingly erratic. Things surface quickly in different places causing traffic spikes, but then can be snuffed out and surface elsewhere. I am finding out I practice black magic in many different ways. It might be your personal leaning.

So in black magick, things and people are used and transformed, but though black magick is structured on use, it doesn’t mean that one should misuse or ill use what they have or influence.

We need to see the big picture. Yes. Whether you are dancing in the fire of black magick or singing with the web of stars in white magick, one should never be blind to the unity of the world itself. Black fire differs from red fire in that red fire keeps its balance in the elements, whereas black fire removes stasis in anything at all.

Is the fire literally coloured black? No. The colors involved in black magick are sort of like color seen in black light, sort of high contrast and inverted. Instead of blending, things are seen to clash.

Is there white fire? Indeed, there is. It’s also what some call the light of truth. It arises in peaceful moments and does indeed bear truth, just not exclusive truth.

Does it feel cool? White fire does, yes. Soothing, and makes you want to inhale.

I have felt that in my heart at times. Yes. It’s a good thing no? The white fire makes you feel at one with the world around you, and sort of make things look holographic.

Is that where the term “Lights on” comes from when you realise something profound? Yes, whereas the black fire makes you want to pant. You feel hot and highly motivated.

When a fighter gets riled up before a fight, is that black fire? That is black fire. Symbolically, black fire is also smoke, the point of exhaustion. In eastern thinking it includes tantra and karma yoga. Enlightenment arrived at by exhausting all impulses, either directly or indirectly.

Ironic that the fighter who does this the most professes himself to be a Christian and dedicates that to god. Indeed, isn’t it though?

Aren’t the more fundamentalist Christians using black magic? Fire and brimstone. Yes, and they speak more of their devil and think more of their devil than they do of their god. Dwelling on and contemplating something is worship, being in touch with something is being at one with it. They are his biggest fans, where as a witch doesn’t generally care for the idea of any such being. The closest they have to that image is the horned god, which is the united hunter. Hunter and prey as one, the cycle of the hunt, life and death.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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