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Your tensions are memories. All of them whether intense or more subtle are even potentially scars. Scars are not flexible, but for every tension, especially chronic tensions, there are memories.

Spiritual Power in Changelings


There have always been two paths in every tradition. One that allows the seeker to bring spiritual power to the people, and another that calls the seeker away from the people.

In the African tradition, there is the Houngan or Mambo. The wise man or woman who works with the loa to share both the needs of the loa and the gifts of the loa with the village, and then there is the Bokor. What they say of the Bokor (which is a changeling and male, as changelings are more often male than not) is that the Bokor serves the loa with both hands. Meaning they show no affinity for the village, though they are sometimes still sought out for the gifts they have. However, gifts are also generally seen as disturbing.

A lot of this sounds like our Hawaiian kupua a’e. In terms of it applying to our ways, our kupua and kupua a’e (the latter being more along the lines of your discussion) have the same life styles and abilities. Do all who pursue native spiritual paths among Hawaiian people possess or keep the ability to feel connected to their people? Some do, yes. Some do not? Well, it is not like we pursue this. It sort of comes with the territory. You are or you are not, kupua or kupua a’e. Yes, it’s probably just sort of accepted?

It is like when someone asked why they had not accepted Jesus. The answer was because we didn’t have to. There was a lived in given. So much a part of being it did not need examination. That which needs examination takes on different dynamics. Yes, it is innate.

I have been called kupua on many occasions. Kupua, changeling, born as human but with all the other things you talked about, depending on well… that rune bit I guess. Considering I feel a sense of kinship with you, it is perhaps so. We might call the rune our aumakua. They are plant or animal or mineral.

Aura. They even now have a scientific name for it, but it simplifies to signature. You have one and will keep it your entire life. I don’t remember the exact sociological term, but it was basically signature.

Also, an interesting new discovery that blows the ideas of belief out of the water. The placebo effect. They believed it worked because the person believed it would. They recently did a study and gave people placebos. They told them they were placebos, but otherwise just handled it like a doctor visit. These persons (although they knew the pills were fake) reported relief from taking the pills. Doctor mana showing itself up even in western culture.

Better then the ones taking the actual drug? Yes. Often time drug trials are just sort of messy and pointless. When they satisfy themselves that it isn’t going to kill anyone, they are given permission to sell it.

There could be many factors then to explain the relief. Yes, and likely compound.

They should study the doctors. Some have it, some do not. Some will make you feel even more sick.

They did it because there are ethical issues with giving patients placebos without telling them. Now there are more than ethical issues.

There is this phenomenon. Get pain, go to doctor, sit in office, pain goes away. Maybe that is connected to this. And well, often doctors clinics are almost garden like, and often everyone there is expecting that their illness is no big deal and that the doctor will make it better.

Mine is more like romper room. They choose doctors office locations often very carefully, though just as often not. And well… Romper room will just charge you with nervous energy which could make you feel worse or better depending on what was effecting you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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