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Really it’s the children who can educate us. We can support what they know. These ‘wild’ children. Those who seem so different and out of touch with consensus. They are really more in touch with reality. The consensus has created stresses that force minds to let go.

Changeling And Guardian in Changelings


Back to changelings… Another way of knowing a changeling is that they aren’t effected by energies in the same way. Laughter might physically hurt them. Churches or a large building that has cleared a lot of land may nauseate them. One possible example, I hate most adult laughter. It hurts like being splashed with really cold water, but I love the laughter of very young children.

What about your own laugh? My own laughter is infrequent, and either happens in a positive way when I am in synch with a loved one, or happens in my normal way which is only when I am angry. Sort of like hyena laughter, I guess. It has to be aided.

My own nature makes me like to other people. The best way I can describe it is joining them in their shadow. While I am there, I can share their way. Like seeing their life from the other side. It is easier for me to see people that way. I am very sensitive to light when I am trying to stay focused on “normal” reality, but when I let my attention slip “down the middle” for lack of a better term, I am not disturbed by my senses. But when I do that then I don’t recognize things people expect me to see. I miss details they think are important.

Side note. I have noticed a type of person, otherwise normal, who seems to have an affinity for changelings and are generally protective of them. You can call them guardians, maybe. I had some. Still have one. It is a new trend, though not entirely. Let’s hope it grows.

Reminds me of when you see super heroes and they have a little sidekick with them. It’s more like a duo. The guardian serves as an equal and vital mediator, but is empowered by deeper insight than they otherwise would have had.

I’ve started to watch old cartoons again and I was reminded of He-Man and Orco. Orco is small, but he is not helpless. True. Orco has a lot of power. He just struggles with self doubt. He isn’t in his own world. He-man would be the guardian. Orco would be the changeling.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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