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We keep getting the same stuff because we keep thinking the same stuff. Each new cell bears the same convictions. Each magnetic impulse carries the same messages.

Spirit Experiences in Spirits


During a guided meditation I started feeling like I was going to faint and had to put my head down. It happened every time the teacher did that meditation. I just wondered what was going on?

Ok. What was the meditation? She said something about the energy coming through. Any specific energy?

It was going to Pemako, behind a waterfall. Oh, powerful cleansing. You were in a sense “possessed”. It can come to be a dominant part of your consciousness. When that is cleansed away, it can make you feel like you are going to go unconscious, because it had permeated so much of yours. Had you before that had a great deal of fear or despair?

I don’t remember specifically about that time, but I have had my share. Hmm… It was perhaps a lemure, and no, not the cute little ring-tailed monkey. They got called that by accident. A lemure is like a dybbuk, except not human. It’s a parasite that has developed an affinity for humans. It would look like a human headed worm or talking maggot. Usually brings nightmares with cold sweats. Sorry if that’s inappropriate. I don’t gauge things like that well.

No, just thinking about how negative my mother was/is and wondering if it has anything to do with that? Oh, good chance. They breed like flies and generally have a psychic signature that attracts flesh and blood flies. Amityville house is crawling with them, among other things.

These are spirits? Everything is ultimately a spirit, but it’s not a terrestrial spirit no, and they can be banished for that reason.

Weird. My mother often complains about flies and blames them on the neighbours. No. The flies are hers, as is the food spoilage. Banishing is simple. It is just causing the earth to have an “immune reaction” to the invader, but the earth needs our awareness to alert it. That’s the reason for ritual.

I had no idea we had such an impact on the earth itself. And it on us. My own disorder makes me sensitive to the atmospheric electrical field among other things in the environment. It can make my brain very scrambled.

Maybe that ties in the with “the end” we are all supposed to be facing in 2012? There won’t be an end, not destruction, but there will be radical change and normal people might not like it. They won’t get a vote. What they will get to do is choose how they adapt.

I don’t believe in normal people. I’ve been in Second Life too long. Second Life is good for curing normalism. It is a serious social ill.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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