'Changelings' Chapter


Changelings are real as they are those who are among the changed. Those notably marked and set aside from the people. You may have known one or more changelings in your life though they tend to prefer their own company, or in some cases the company of animals.

Changelings “don’t feel right”. Most people are uncomfortable with this as they don’t like anything that is remotely weird. Changelings often have to overcome their own culture shock and xenophobia before they can orient. After they overcome the human challenge, they have to be willing to explore this world which feels various degrees of strange depending on the changeling. They will find environments linked to their nature. They are stronger in some ways, yes, but more specialized creatures of their element and not equipped to function well outside of their element.

Among The Changed

Have you heard of changelings? Very little. More in myth and far fetched programs. Perhaps we can offer more insight tonight. Much of old lore was an attempt to understand what was at the time unintelligible with common sense reason, usually mixed… Seek More

Spirit Mark

Changelings are someone who differs immensely from their family due to cause and effect and various events that may have occurred? Well, this is perhaps the interesting part. It goes deeper than just being different. Nothing can change in a… Seek More

Native Environment

Recent scientific research has established two important things that mystical/spiritual types already knew. The energy field around your brain is a functional part of your brain. They are even now working on ways to use that. I guess it would… Seek More

Spiritual Power

There have always been two paths in every tradition. One that allows the seeker to bring spiritual power to the people, and another that calls the seeker away from the people. In the African tradition, there is the Houngan or… Seek More

Changeling And Guardian

Back to changelings… Another way of knowing a changeling is that they aren’t effected by energies in the same way. Laughter might physically hurt them. Churches or a large building that has cleared a lot of land may nauseate them. One… Seek More