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We don’t find freedom by knowing fear inside and out. We merely find that we can be free and hop back in the hole most times. People are in love with the devil they know.

Native Environment in Changelings


Recent scientific research has established two important things that mystical/spiritual types already knew. The energy field around your brain is a functional part of your brain. They are even now working on ways to use that. I guess it would be better than their poisons. The second part is that other people are sensitive to your energy field, and that this field does not necessarily correspond to your state of mind or self image.

Now non-changelings feel like people. They feel “of the people”. Generally, non changelings find a default measure of acceptance. They don’t spook the herd and can generally assume any role their abilities suit them for.

Changelings “don’t feel right”. Most people are uncomfortable with this as they don’t like anything that is remotely weird. So they don’t get a feeling for why the person is different or in what way, but there is a subconscious recognition anyway which does get some peoples attention. Because though the changeling doesn’t feel like a normal person, they do feel like something, and this makes some people want to know what that is.

For the normal person to figure it out, the changeling often shows what they are linked to as they often have a powerful natural aptitude and/or interest in it. Otherwise, if that doesn’t work, the person often feels like an elemental or environmental presence or like some sort of animal, although in the animal case it’s sometimes intuitively complex. Like that young friend of yours, did he feel like the stars or open sky?

He loves anything to do with space, stars, planets. Did he feel sort of like a bug or reptile? I would say reptile. Ah, interesting, and there are some oceanic moons that are close to earth cosmically speaking.

In the case of the changeling, they often have to overcome their own culture shock and xenophobia before they can orient. After they overcome the human challenge, they then have to be willing to explore this world which feels various degrees of strange depending on the changeling. They will find environments linked to their nature. Weirdling like libraries, therions like woodland and field, etc.

Now it may seem like changelings are somehow set above others. If my words have suggested this, I must correct that. As far as spirituality and magickal practice goes, they are stronger in some ways, yes, but more specialized creatures of their element and not equipped to function well outside of their element. They could aid a seeker if your path leads you at the time through their native environment.

You want to understand the dead? Seek the one who answers the call to the places of the dead. The one who seems to speak more freely with the dead than the living. They will want to be there, because the human community is not their home. Want to find peace with nature? Seek the wild one. Learn what their friends teach them, from them. But no matter what changeling you deal with, understand that they cannot go with you. Respect them for what they are, and you will likely have a very loyal friend.

I think Steve Irwin was a wild one. I agree, and he had the good fortune to live as his rune would allow him. But other changelings would need guidance.

We should all be so lucky to die in our element. Well, for most, your element is your family, your people, in one form or another.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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