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Among The Changed in Changelings


Have you heard of changelings?

Very little. More in myth and far fetched programs. Perhaps we can offer more insight tonight. Much of old lore was an attempt to understand what was at the time unintelligible with common sense reason, usually mixed in with some intuition. So all myths do have some kernel of truth in them, though sometimes so distorted today that it has lost its usefulness pretty much all together.

The idea behind many mythical creatures, from dybbuks, to changelings, to doppelgangers, is that some spirit or other would have a motivation to replace or switch a human being with one of their own kind. This is perhaps a quarter correct. It isn’t even a half truth, but there is a truth behind it.

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Have you heard of Otherkin? They are people who believe that either they recall a past life as a non-human entity or are a non human entity spiritually, and exactly what that entity is varies a great deal. This is just the tip of the iceberg, this sociological phenomenon. The Otherkin phenomenon is just a sociological component of an underlying dynamic I seek to illustrate.

The human genetic matrix is not a stable structure, never has been, and is even less stable now than it was in the past. From time to time, a person is born who is different enough to not mesh well with their parents and their community. They just don’t seem human, having strange mental or physical characteristics, or both. They had many theories as to the source of this change and they weren’t all evident at birth. Many factors influence human gestation and even maturation. Some affecting both mind and body. Others just body and some just mind.

Could this attach itself to the nurture vs. nature argument? It can, but would have to expand beyond it. More to the organism being simultaneously birthed by both the mother and the ecosystem, and sometimes, though rarely, the ecosystems influence is dominant.

Usually the child is born with traits that link them easily to the mother and father. Sometimes more one parent than the other, but almost always somewhere in this range. But sometimes the influence of the environment is strong enough that the child seems to differ quite noticeably from either parent, or even anyone in their family tree, having the mark of other influences on them more than their family bloodline. This often doesn’t happen immediately at birth either. Sometimes the change has a delayed onset, or even occurs after some traumatic event like a near death experience.

You can try to rationalize it as just meaningless hormonal quirks or organic damage, but to my view we are all living in a vast mesh of cause and effect. Everything that happens is purposeful and coherent information. We just may not understand the context of the information.

So in a sense, changelings are real as they are those who are among the changed. Those notably marked and set aside from the people.

Their spirit is intact, but impressed upon? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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