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Dimensions Of Light And Shadow in Tree Of Shadow

Tree of Shadow

In the series on the Tree Of Life, I spoke of the divine lights. The emanations that gave rise to the creative process in the world and the creation of the world, these being the same thing. But in order for there to be room for the emergence of the divine lights, the God being had to withdraw portions of its essence from the whole of reality. This left dark spots or shadows to compliment the divine lights.

Now keep in mind that each of the sephira has a scope along the lines of the membranes you hear about in some cosmological theories, and just as matter arose on this membrane from the impact of it with another, the patterns in our world arise from the impact or interference of whole dimensions of light and shadow. They aren’t just little floating bubbles off in the ether somewhere as some new age thinking seems to imply.

Now the dimensions or membranes of light are places of higher order. At least subjectively speaking higher order than our own. The membranes or dimensions of shadow are realms of lower order, or greater chaos, depending on how you see those things.

The running theme seems to be balance. You simply can not have one with out the other. It just isn’t possible to have only one side. The universe is really big on symmetry, this is true, even including our double helix DNA.

One big scale. And yes, no parts are left out anywhere in the wholeness of the multiverse.

These dimensions of light and shadow not only have an impact on our plane, but they interact with each other as well. They follow a polarized pattern. So the planes of light and the planes of shadow are paired, sort of like multiversal yin-yang symbols. Each plane has a seed of the other in it. Where the lights are the planes of truth, the shadow membranes are the planes of illusion or lies.

So a film negative is more representative then we think? Indeed. They look more normal to me due to my synaesthesia. They make objects make more sense to me. I used to study them closely as a kid.

What is illusion at this level of reality? The ultimate illusion is the human perception of opposition. The realms of shadow and light are not at war, and this actual balance between the planes is perhaps the most tricky element for human minds to grasp. You may feel completely centered and strong in your roots in what you feel is a state of clarity and peace, but does that endure?

It usually goes just when you think you have it. And it’s the thinking that you have it that calls you into the shadow state.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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