The great dharma wheel is nothing more complex than that. The big mystery in life is that there is no mystery.

Planes Of Shadow in Tree Of Shadow

Tree of Shadow

You say dark and light are not really at war, yet when we think of the “bad guy” we picture them in dark clothing and hidden faces. Indeed, and there are even instinctive, intuitive reasons for that, and deeper mysteries behind that.

Why would the bad guy even want to hide his face? The basic reason we think of the bad guy being shrouded in black is our instincts tell us the greatest danger comes in the night. The real bad guy doesn’t need to hide anything. People often applaud him. They want to be him. The quiet man on the grassy knoll is seen as the enemy, but in fact the night predators are often the biggest contributor to human safety and health during the daylight hours.

Maybe that’s just because humans don’t function as well at night? That’s the largest reason why, but there is another.

The membranes are not separate from each other. They are meshed into each other like the neural network in our brains. The tree of life and the tree of shadow/death are meshed as one vast web of reality, and we can see both the planes of light and the planes of shadow in our world, though less clearly than if we shifted into their space. It’s just a sort of sidestep, and has a force somewhat like gravity behind it.

The planes of shadow are most visible in our world at night, thus the song says “The freaks come out at night!”, and we refer to those we find creepy as lunatics, people of the moon. You see the touch of the shadow planes in some people stronger than others. It isn’t as common, sort of like being left handed, and they do call the tree of shadow the sinister path. Sinister is Latin, meaning left handed. The opposite is dexter, meaning right handed.

Now just as you have hypocrites among the children of the light, the ignorant and the self righteous, you have enlightened individuals who are touched by the shadow planes.

The dark are self lefteous? Indeed, they are. They are the self exiled. Those who consider themselves left out, also known as the lunatic fringe. Those are really pretty well known also, and equally egotistical.

Engrossed in their own leet-ness. Yes. Now arguably there are those who have wound up among the lost and forgotten whose seeking was sincere and who’s intentions were pure, but they could not find a place in the light. It just wasn’t in their nature. The shadow planes could be a place for them if their wisdom was not repressed. Occult means hidden from sight, basically shadowed.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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