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Imagine is to choose one’s state of being, and luck is when this preparation meets one of the countless opportunities that arise in life.

Ripples In The Shadow Realm in Shadow


The realm of shadow is the realm of the subconscious. In fact, your subconscious itself is an artefact from your pre-incarnated existence. It arises as an impetus in the collective unconscious that leads two people to pair up. Each circumstance being in essence different, if not in practice, and this potential energy remains with you throughout your entire life. Taoists make what could be considered a reference to this with their concept of your “original chi”.

This potential energy is what is called destiny? Perhaps, in a sense, it’s destiny. But in fact, it’s more like the ripples in a pond. Echoes from the collective shadow, and the deeper core of light behind that, that touch upon your advent in this world and create echoes throughout it. Like the wake behind a boat, sort of. Shaped by the soul, but not of necessity shaping it. Yet, also inseparable from it.

There are no accidents, no unintended consequences. With every choice you make you create a ripple in the shadow realm. If you say “I want to be a big professional success”, you are also saying “I want to sacrifice time to activities that, although not necessarily enriching of my souls experience, will give me the experience of financial success.”

This is the source of our karma? Yes. If you declare “I don’t want to hurt anymore”, you are also saying ” I don’t want to feel anymore.” The shadow realm is like the city sewer. As repugnant at it is, it is a vital part of the cities health and well being. You personally need it to exist, and you need other people to have their connection to it as well. What makes things go wrong is when people try to eradicate this “underground” part of life. When they do that the filth has to go somewhere, does it not? Because we won’t stop choosing the “good”.

Light pollution. Yes, exactly.

Denial of the shadow is constipation? Denial of the shadow is anal retentiveness which leads to spiritual and even physical sepsis. Constipation is a circumstance and passes like weather. People deliberately cling to their rejection of parts of life. They feel it’s their moral duty, so even when someone comes around who is willing to handle all this dark energy that people are throwing out into the world, they call this person a creature of evil, mistaking life for one of its processes.

Has a vulture stolen your wallet recently? Has a spider stolen your life partner? The creatures of “decay” have their place in the world of decay. But as much as they live and even thrive there, they are not the cause and their activities serve the well being of all living beings. Even potentially all dead beings as well, as it has often been believed that the only way a soul can transition through darkness is to be guided by a “creature of darkness”, like an owl, crow, snake, even crocodile in Egypt.

Is this why Dante was guided by a pagan in the Divine Comedy? It is exactly why, yes. A virtuous pagan to be specific. One capable of understanding the truth of “Hell”.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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