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I feel in truth is liberation, freedom, and there is a whole tapestry of truth.

Equal Part Shadow in Shadow


We all know the world of the light. It’s the world of the taught and the agreed upon. It’s the world of the approved and that which is publicly seen as virtuous. But there is another side to the world. A side that some people come to think applies mostly to them only, and a side that goes unspoken of but is very real.

This sort of talk creeps people out more often than not, but everything “in the light” has an equal part of it cast in shadow. Every decent person has fears, embarrassments, and doubts. Yet as pervasive as the shadow is, we almost as a whole espouse the view that the only truth that is to be had is found in the light. All “lights” seem to extinguish, though. Having a crisis of faith is so common as to be stereotypical. It’s seen as a “failure” to find the light as a loss of our way, but why is this?

Over focus on only the desired state? Bricks are made from crude earth. Food grows from soil and dung, among other things. Ground is made fertile by uncontrolled fires. All that we desire has ties to what we call undesirable. So yes, indeed.

Maybe it’s happening hand in hand with our war on bacteria? That’s part of it, and part of what is strengthening the “shadow” part of the world. Bacteria, viruses and pests now becoming more resistant as well as more vicious. The same is happening on a spiritual front though. It’s casual these days to accuse someone of being crazy. People even often think it’s funny. But at one time, that was the same thing as saying someone is untrustworthy and worthless.

As within, so without. Indeed, the world in one picture. The world in your head is part of the world around you, with no real breaks. Even in the case of sociopathic and psychopathic phenomenon, their conditions don’t arise so much despite the world as because of it.

The world is within you, so it would make sense that denial of ourselves = denial of the world. The same wars within and without. And denial of self is to enshroud the self. To wrap it in funeral garb well before its time has even come. We add fear to darkness and call them synonymous. Like we see power in man and thus conclude that God must be a man. These are lies, but the truth behind these lies is not to be found “in the light of day”.

People are heavily invested in keeping secrets secret, because they think it will somehow keep them safe. All the mysterious and befuddling events that happen in our world (and they very often are more world shaping than the average events of the norm), take place in the world of “shadow”, and the world of shadow includes the world of dreams. I don’t mean fantasies or hopes. I mean the most basic level of consciousness we all live our lives in and cannot in any way escape. To try even can lead to costing us our lives. You can die from complication brought on by sleep deprivation. There is even a rare genetic disease that manifests as total insomnia. They rarely live past their 30’s.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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