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You’re never bored when you play your own game. You’re bored when you play another’s game.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward in Unity


Unity is about embracing the reality of who you are, and letting that serve as the center of your whole life. You don’t reject the mental for the physical, or reject the physical for the emotional, but move through them as a single unified path. Moving in the way that is natural for you. “Putting your best foot forward” be that your head, your heart, or your body.

When you embrace it, the other parts will follow instead of getting out of balance. Yes, exactly. I came from an action family. They couldn’t deal with the fact that my “doer” was broken and just judged me as lazy or insincere and not interested in bettering my life.

How does one know which part they are? It’s pretty natural. When experiencing something new, do you feel it first, know it first, or want to interact with it first? Myself, I examine everything new, every detail, and extrapolate from my examination what it might relate to and what it might mean to my life.

I’m action oriented. I pick it up. Yes. I might refuse to touch something until I have thought about it fully first. Do you touch it first, or notice how you feel about it first, or think about it first?

I’m not sure. Then you feel. I say that, because the feeler lingers with an experience. They don’t feel like they can say what it is or what to do. They feel it until they feel comfortable with it.

I’d walk around it and look at, observe it and see what it does. Then you lead with your mind. Which doesn’t mean you are an unfeeling person or inactive, but you should accept that you start with your mind before you get to the other experiences. That is as valid as starting with your feelings or with physical experimentation.

I don’t know how I feel about something until I play with it a while. She sits Zen, though not officially, because all of her meditation starts and ends at just sitting. For some they can’t sit Zen, and therefore think they cannot meditate. This isn’t true, but the heart people and the mind people have to start in their natural way. Action orientation will focus on “experience” more than examination or experimentation. Guided visualization would probably be the best meditation for you.

If I can “see” (in my mind’s eye) dragons and sense their presence, where would that place me? You start from your heart and seek inspiration. Your experience is valid. The heart can see very clearly. It’s intuition is very broad, sees the big picture very well. You probably have strong opinions about people socially, your community, and politics too.

I think we’re all knowing. Our knowing starts in different places? Yes, exactly, and my words are just my way of describing it. You know your way and should just trust your way, even if it makes others react as if they don’t understand. I have trouble understanding “feeling/knowing” as those who do it describe it to me. This doesn’t mean I can’t, I just have to take extra time to think about it. It‘s sort of like translating a different language.

What’s the best meditation for mind people? Language based meditation, something concept oriented, object focus or breath focus.

Mind people. Are they the one who can follow written directions to somewhere? Yes, but as a heart person, you probably know how to get places well also, and learn the way faster with fewer repetitions necessary because you can visualize and get a “feel” for it. If they describe something eye catching, that helps you. You don’t need the street names and what not. But if they described a popular place (like a lake) that the location is near, you would find it easily.

I hear “over there” and figure it out as I go. Pointing as saying “go to this place” works for an action oriented person. Just have to identify what place clearly, and for her it could be words or visual if the visual is distinctive enough.

I myself hyper systematize. I need to understand the functions of the city. The street names and maps often make little sense to me. But put me in a region of the city and let me look it over, and I can tell you what it is and what will happen there in at least a generalized way. I can do the same with a country side. I can tell you what stand of trees birds will go to and which they will ignore. I have an obsessive need to understand systems, and to me everything is a system or “language”. This was my special skill, and since I apply it to everything, it’s also my biggest problem. I have language for everything and everything is a language, but some things do get lost in translation, at least in part. Like “fun” and “preference”, “want” and “hate”. This is my path as strange as it may be, and I need to embrace it just as much as everyone else needs to embrace their own.

Heart oriented will achieve things when he can imagine them. Action oriented will achieve things when she determines to do them. I (mind oriented) will achieve something when I can translate it. This takes more time, but it’s still my way. Mind oriented will achieve something when it makes sense to her.

One has to do what works for them. Yes, and everything can make sense to you if you allow it to. It will come in your personal way and not really in any other. A lot of things make sense to my mind oriented friend because she likes reading and language, enjoys instructions and explanations. Me, I have language issues so I have to take extra steps, but it is still similar.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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