'Unity' Chapter


Unity is bonding and harmlessness. Two topics in one. There is far too much dissonance in this world. The world screams. The paradox is the we cannot win free because we are already free.

In contemplating unity is it not incumbent upon us to ask why then does diversity manifest? In the book of genesis there is a part about the living things being brought before Adam to be named. Was the naming for nought or is there a principle that diversity serves? The unity cannot be named because the name would be endless. All names name unity.

“It is a magnificent feeling to recognize the unity of complex phenomena which appear to be things quite apart from the direct visible truth.” Albert Einstein

Embrace the Truth

Two subjects go together well: bonding and harmlessness. “Unity” would be both topics as one word. What is called “love” ultimately… unconditioned. I will discuss the conditions people labour under and perhaps why they arise, and how we can own… Seek More

Conditions of Life

People speak of temptation when they experience instinct and they say it is a distraction. This nature. Why supposedly is this nature unholy? This instinct. Why supposedly is there no wisdom in it? I think that it is our clearest… Seek More

Code of Harmlessness

Because of the dissonance in this world, it is deafening. The world screams in pain, and I hurt. There is not many problems. There is only one, and it is this we are discussing today. To abstain from it is… Seek More

Soul Mates

Soul mates are true, but overlooked by many. Your soul mate isn’t your other half necessarily, but there is a spiritual force that pairs people. Even if they are your other half we fight with ourselves, so why wouldn’t our… Seek More

Principle of Unity

Today, we aren’t going to talk about the philosophy of unity. We are going to talk about the principle of unity as it applies to practice; magical, religious, spiritual or artistic. Ever wonder about what really needs your primary attention… Seek More

Reshape Everything

Can you make yourself have a day with no thought? If it’s mind numbing repetitive thought? It’s mind numbing when you have negative judgements about the thought, otherwise it’s no more disturbing than bird song. “A day with no thought?”… Seek More

Lead Your Way

Anyone have a goal they feel they haven’t reached yet in any of their practices? Plenty of them. Share as you will. A lot have to do with making money in the mundane world. Ok, can you identify a single… Seek More

Extreme Orientations

Myself, I am extremely mental. So for me, my emotional and physical lives are all filled with mental activity. Rather than a rainbow of experience, I have what would be a muddy blur, at least seen from an outsiders point… Seek More

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Unity is about embracing the reality of who you are, and letting that serve as the center of your whole life. You don’t reject the mental for the physical, or reject the physical for the emotional, but move through them… Seek More