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We always make a decision. I type these words and you will decide what they mean to you. It doesn’t have to be deliberate. We are conditioned if we aren’t instead mindful. It will happen one way or another.

Lead Your Way in Unity


Anyone have a goal they feel they haven’t reached yet in any of their practices? Plenty of them. Share as you will.

A lot have to do with making money in the mundane world. Ok, can you identify a single goal?

An income source without limitations of location. Ah ok, and all sources give you an idea of what you “have to do” to achieve that goal, but they often don’t work for an individual. This has nothing to do with that individuals ability. When someone who is most comfortable in the mental aspect of their being hears an action plan, this often makes the goal harder, not easier. An action plan doesn’t teach how or explain what, so they often wind up feeling like they can’t do it. But another person who is most comfortable in their physical aspect only needs the action plan, and explanations get in their way.

My wife is an action oriented person. If I try to explain how and why it doesn’t help her, but if I describe actions and say that I want them done or if I recommend actions that can help her, then she goes about doing them and discovers all the how spontaneously as she moves forward. But if told in advance, it just creates confusion.

That is how I built the website. I had no idea how to do it before I did it. And had someone given you a tech lesson, would that have helped very much? No. I wanted the information only as I could use it. Yes. She is a physical/action aspected person, but it would be a huge mistake to think her mental and emotional life is any less developed than anyone else’s. She just has to start off on the “right foot” for her. Her mental and emotional life comes along for the ride as her physical life changes.

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It is just developed in a different way. Yes, exactly.

I prefer directions. My friend is mind oriented, and it’s just as valid as my wife’s action orientation, just as necessary for her.

We are discussing unity in practice, any practice. People often feel stymied in their spiritual path, when in fact, the idea of any achievement being possible in only one way is in error. You aren’t heart, mind and body, we are all a single self, and to change any part of that self is to change all of that self.

I can give an example of a heart oriented person, an artist. Let’s say a musician. They can’t produce quality work in a “mechanical“ way.

Theatre Actor? Yes, even actor. They can’t “just do it” and have it be any good. They have to feel it. They seek “inspiration”, meaning their spirit has to be in it. To achieve anything, they have to know what it would feel like to do that or be that.

They need to “become” that. That’s the essence of spiritual “being”, and we all have a spiritual life just as we all have a physical life and a mental life. We can all get to “being” by any of the three roads, but it doesn’t do us any good to say, “I am not good enough at action. I really have to be on the thinking road.” because in fact, there is no separation. There is just your road, and the part of you that leads you on that path.

The mental path is the way of thinking about things. Learning about things by having them described. The emotional road is the road of experiencing things, being in a place or situation and being the person who exists there, and the action road is about doing something and seeing what happens.

What about the visual thinker? Well, that’s my point, and why tonight’s topic is Unity. There aren’t actually three roads. There is one road with three “colors”, if you will. We just add those three colors in different patterns, different stages. So a visual thinker is a person who experiences thought, has to have feelings about their thoughts, is inspired by imaginative thought, and finds dry data to be a stumbling block. The visual thinker is at heart an artist, so seeks to experience things in their imagination before they feel they understand it in any other way.

I did take theatre in High School. You lead with your heart, or naturally would, and should trust your feelings in pursuing your path. In my friends case, his heart leads to action. When he feels something he will do it, and when something moves his imagination he will learn all about it, and this is the right path for him.

I’m right brained. Yes, and you have a mental and physical life every bit as valid as anyone else’s, but you start from your feelings, or naturally would.

Unfortunately, we’re often told what the “right” way is to accomplish things and it doesn’t match our style. That “right way” notion is the biggest stumbling block. It makes mental people feel heartless, makes feeling people feel thoughtless, and makes active people feel empty.

The way we learn is NOT the way they teach us. Exactly. They don’t really help us. The way my wife would learn is to do something. If she can act on something she will feel it, and reflect on it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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