The wise have one foot in insanity, and the sane have one foot in the grave.

To Imagine in Imagination


Did anyone make up imagination? Who invented it?

Who imagined it? I imagine imagination? No, but you have thoughts about imagination, which gets in the way of imagination.

Imagination is only a word. Yes. It doesn’t even refer to a single thing.

I guess, physically, if you can think, then you can imagine. The same chemicals are at work are they not? Actually, imagination is not chemical, and can be distorted by chemical issues. Imagination is the very structure of the brain itself. Everything you see, everything you sense in any way.

Chemicals like narcotics, you mean? Yes, but includes hormones too in the case of those who chronically stress themselves.

Dream up, image, no’ono’o ulu wale = thought that grows by itself. Ah, that’s a good term. Thought does grow by itself.

Ever notice you cannot imagine something that has nothing in common with something you have seen? Imagine something that is nothing like anything in reality for me right now.

It’s like trying to describe colours to someone who has never seen colours. Yes, telling a blind person about colors is largely a waste of time.

Your imagination contains only the images and sensation that are present in reality. What are we doing when we imagine something? When we do the activity called imagining, people do say they can do it on purpose, but they also do it involuntarily as well. How are both possible?

Can you imagine a word? You actually can imagine a word. You do it all the time. Words are entirely imaginary, yet we say that words are necessary for dialogue. Some say words are even necessary for reasoned thought, but who invented words?

People. First a grunt and then grunts differentiated. Actually, first an imitation.

Creating a picture. Life would be better if we all drew pictures instead of talked. Life has been made much worse by the misuse of drawing pictures. They call it commercial advertising.

Some languages are image dependent, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian. Norse as well. The runes are pictures.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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