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The great prophets were described as madmen.

Practice Of Crystal Magick in Crystals


How can we use knowledge of crystals to our advantage?

Every disadvantage is the breakdown of a crystal like resonance, an entropy of an otherwise clear signal. All potentials that can manifest in life manifest in countless forms, many of which seem unrecognizable to our contemporary understanding of reality. The formation of blood has at its root the same potential as the formation of iron crystals. The formation of speech has for its root the same potential as the formation of our nerves. It’s all linked. Taken down to the basic building blocks of the universe, every potential energy is manifested in crystalline form in our universe and more specifically our world. If you can see the connection or “resonance” between one of these crystals and the manifestation of “events”, which are just the crystallization of our personal energy in action, then you can beat the formation of the event to the punch.

Practically, you can carry a crystal with you that is a “root” of an event to have that event occur more often, or be just a mass of dissonance if your actions don’t synch with the crystals influence. For some people, the influence of a rose quartz would give them the open heart needed to form a loving relationship with a partner. But if their wilful behaviour runs counter to the rose quartz, which just gives them a tendency toward impassioned argument rather than romantic love, then they say the rose quartz doesn’t work. It worked just fine. It’s power is what interfaced with the person to make them fight with people so much.

Now a catalogue of crystal influences is beyond my ability or intention. It would be a series of books in itself.

It would require a lot of personal experimentation, so everyone would have his or her own book. Yes. Much has to be learned from personal experience, but if your life has a lot of “noise” in it and you use crystals, you might want to look to what you are using and why. It might need some adjustment.

Try “The Crystal Bible 2” by Judy Hall. You might even want to journal your own experiences to cross-reference against a volume of that sort. It could be a useful exercise in self knowledge. In general, don’t underestimate simple “affinity”. If you like the feeling of the crystal, than in itself it will have beneficial effects, and as the crystal takes on your psychic imprint, its “affinity” based impact will grow.

I was in Tibet and wished I could find a Tibetan crystal. A few minutes later a little boy ran up and asked if I’d like to buy some. Things do tend to work out like that if you are fully receptive. It happens even more so in Tibet. It would be important to keep that crystal if you can, but if for some reason it’s lost, that is the same mechanism in action and nothing to worry about.

I do still have that one. Excellent. There was one little one that I was really drawn to, I gave the others as gifts. They were likely meant to be gifted to others. I have acquired crystals that I was meant to gift to others as needed. Healers tend to attract “medicines”. Trust your intuition in that. If your path doesn’t lead you to healing, you may still acquire crystals you are meant to pass on. It just won’t be as steady.

Be well friends, and I wish you success in all your practices.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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