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When your imagination and your thought are in conflict, your imagination will inevitably win.

Crystal Language in Crystals


All patterns of any kind are information, which brings us to the subject of “crystal” language.

Math is basically crystal language in that it forms ordered and static patterns and interacts with other values in a consistent or “quantum” way. Basic integer math is the basis of even our spoken language characters.

All the characters we form in every language have a shared characteristic of a “lattice” pattern. Even the highly pictographic script of Egypt still follows a columnar pattern in its ordering, much like the structure of a crystal. With the relationship between sound and crystallization, crystals have informed language of any sort, including human language. This is why scientists are using math as a “universal language” for trying to share evidence of our intelligence with extra-terrestrials.

You can feel the resonance in older languages. Chants for example. In chants they use language and sound patterns to resonate with crystal energies? Basically forming a sonic crystal with the chant, yes. Chants form around vocal beat patterns, and structure their tones around emotion and ideation reflecting both the cultures language and its experience with environmental sounds. But yes, the very first experience of sound our nervous system has is the beat pattern of our mothers heart as well as the subsonic patterns we get of her spoken language.

This is the fabric of the universe? It’s been said that in the beginning was the “word”, a radio emission of the universes birthing, highly coherent if not containing the structures we know directly as language. In many of the worlds creation myths the world was spoken, chanted or sung into beginning. This huge burst of energy “sound” would go on to structure all matter in the universe.

The word embedded in crystal. Yes, but it has its structure in part only because of its counter point. The “strange matter” of various categories that serves as a “silence” in the energy of our universe, making the great “OM” differentiate into syllables, which collapse its “words”, which were the first cosmic objects, which would form all the structures we know in time as the first sound would continue to echo. Perhaps crystals are just the clearest and most simple manifestations of this “language” in material form.

Matter and dark matter? Yes, being the most simple they are also the most universal.

Sound is vibration, vibration is energy and energy is eternal and thus, crystalline resonance is also eternal.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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