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Crystal Synchronization in Crystals


Crystals are much more common than people generally realize. Any inorganic chemistry has a crystalline dynamic in it. Anyone have any experience using crystal magic?

I have one experience. I read that one should clean a crystal and then sleep with it under your pillow. I was doing that and one of them kept me awake until I put it in another room. Oh yes, they can do that, especially if the crystal had gotten a lot of sun.

It was a clear quartz crystal. It had been in the sun under running water. It was well charged up then.

In fact, calcium and iron both form crystals, and silica interacts powerfully with organic chemistry. Silica is the basis of quartz. All crystals have a unique interaction with light and human tissue is light sensitive. Even the neurons in the brain can adjust to being made light sensitive very easily. This is perhaps a physical metaphor for dependant co-arising in reality, the prism effect.

The universe itself has both an implicate and an explicate order, and crystals are the most ordered state of matter so perhaps the most visible evidence of the implicate order of the universe. Also, matter tends to form into “crystalline” matrices when exposed to vibration that equates roughly to sound. The movements of the earth itself generate a phenomenon called infrasound, sound too low for the human ear to hear, but generally audible to a good many animal species.

Is that related to the music of the spheres? That phenomenon would be related to the implicate order as well, and silica in the planets in our solar system would resonate much as terrestrial silica does. The electrical behaviour of crystals is subject to fluctuations in the suns microwave emissions as well. Meaning solar wind will make a crystal power spike. This might explain why cultures like the Aztecs revered the sun so highly.

The electrical field of quartz is roughly identical to the bioelectric field, just more stable in its coherence so it’s just as the tissues of the heart. If they take two tissue samples from peoples hearts, even two different hearts, and while they are still alive put them side by side with each other, they will synch up with each other as if they came from the exact same heart. There is a pulse pattern in crystals that affects the human nervous system and tissues in basically the same way. If you are carrying a crystal next to your heart, say, the organ can’t really tell the difference between it and the electrical signal of a heart, and will synch up with it as much as it can. Now add in the solar sensitivity of crystals, especially quartz and …

So crystal should or shouldn’t be worn near the heart? Potentially should, but you should also be prepared for the potential consequences, as it will make your heart behave as the crystal does.

Which crystals are better to wear by the heart? If you are just looking for general enhancement, pure quartz. If you are looking for emotional stability, then rose quartz.

When you say it makes the heart behave as a crystal does, is it more than modifying the pulse? The cardiac nerve plexus serves as important a role as the nerve network in the brain. It’s just not capable of analytical processing, so if you influence its holistic style of processing by making it synch up with say a quartz, then it can alter the feedback that your brain itself processes. It would act on a subconscious level, but gradually repatterning your attention, heightening your awareness of external natural and cosmic processes. It makes potentially a good linking tool for psychic healers, as it will synch with both the healer and the one seeking healing.

I’ve heard of charging water with a crystal. Drinking the charged water and taking it internally must be even more effective to synch? The electrical field of the crystal would affect waters ionization, and though science argued that there would be no coherent information transferred, even having water that’s already acting as if it has been touching your neurons would be helpful. Electronically faster water, and well, I would venture more naturally coherent.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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