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Crystal Substance in Crystals


Uses for crystals. Each crystal has its own specific resonance, and metals are also crystals. Copper and silver are very popular “metals” in metaphysical practices. Turquoise is a silver oxide not typically considered, but I will offer that you will find turquoise substitutes well for silver, if you are seeking a calming or mind expanding effect. But your own energy pattern will resonate differently with different metals and crystals than, say, mine would. Like in my case, rose quartz gives me a headache, as does wrought iron.

I know that if you place turquoise near the throat chakra, it is supposed to help with communication. It helps with opening in general, but certain of the chakras are not as responsive to it as others. Silver in any form tends to have a more profound effect on the higher nerve centers, and silver oxide would resonate powerfully with the vagus nerve center which facilitates articulation of any experience as language.

I always wear a lot of silver. It is my favorite metal. It’s a good metal. Here is an example of how metals differ though. Gold is very poor for any targeted resonance. Gold is universal in its resonance and is generally too broad for someone other than perhaps a “Saint” to handle.

Has gold driven people crazy for more reasons then the monetary value? It can affect a group of people? Yes, and will heighten any tendency toward incoherent behaviour they might have, because it augments all processes across the board. Interesting parallel to the gold rush.

Gold is “solar”. For that reason it has the least tendency of all crystals to shift into any more narrow resonance. This is perhaps why it’s such an ideal electrical conductor.

And it relates to the masculine. Yes, technically the yang principle is known for having the trait of being uncompromising.

Though organic substances are not directly crystalline in their nature, their “virtues” are derived from their connection to crystalline patterns. Plants are green because of their tendency to absorb copper. Some plants take on a strong reddish tinge along their trunks because of a high iron uptake. This effects the properties of their metabolism, which means if you practice herbal magick, you are also indirectly practicing crystal magick.

Maybe my rhubarb doesn’t turn red in its stalks for lack of iron? That could be it, which doesn’t devalue your rhubarb, but would change its energy traits. Does it yellow instead? If it yellows, it’s taking up sulphur, and sulphur has an enhancing effect in resonance with iron. It creates a sort of “fire” in your blood. It’s not good for promoting meditation though.

Soil has a lot of finely ground minerals, but not evenly dispersed. True, not evenly dispersed, and even that irregularity contains information.

That’s an interesting point. The soil composition is at the bottom of the whole pyramid of life, so the impact of crystals is on everything. Yes. If you would understand natural magick of all sorts, understanding crystal magick is perhaps the best start.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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