'Crystals' Chapter


If anything, I am inclined to view the world in a loosely scientific way, that there is a universal base and that matters very much. Just not in the way others seem to think.

Crystal magic is based on an animistic world view. That the crystals have a spirit. So crystals can be used as an additional pair of eyes when dealing with your personal space or with places of power. Shamans use them as spirit helpers. For some crystals will work well for them, for others not so much. Be sure to choose one that resonants with you, like a good friend.

“Forests, lakes, and rivers, clouds and winds, stars and flowers, stupendous glaciers and crystal snowflakes – every form of animate or inanimate existence, leaves its impress upon the soul of man.” Orison Swett Marden

Crystal Magick

The material uses of things in magic (or whatever you prefer to call your practice) stem from one type of insight, that the world is interconnected. Hermetic philosophy refers to these connections as correspondences, and they have been viewed in… Seek More

Resonance with Crystal

Like meeting a new person, you may not be resonant with a specific type of crystal. For myself, I tend to connect more with crystals that have base element inclusions, iron, etc. Those things that are more on the “decayed”… Seek More

Shamans and Energy Manipulation

What else are crystals used for? Energy manipulation? They can be used for energy manipulation. Have you ever wished you could get someone to do some energy work for you, but don’t know anyone you feel comfy with? Crystals are… Seek More

Finding a Crystal

To find a crystal, are there varying degrees of quality? Not quality, but there is differing character. They are like living things, if you don’t bond they disconnect. Sort of like someone who bonds with their houseplants. If they have… Seek More

Elemental Conscious

Most people seem to want to resist any identification. It has been my experience that we tend to be creatures of our elements, though these aren’t narrow. It is like the world was repeated endlessly with any color you choose,… Seek More

Life in a Crystal

Many say I’m too divisive. Divisive is “to act as an agent of division” loosely defined. I don’t speak of the ‘oneness’ enough. That I make people think in bad ways simply put. I just report what I know. Nothing else. If… Seek More

Crystal Synchronization

Crystals are much more common than people generally realize. Any inorganic chemistry has a crystalline dynamic in it. Anyone have any experience using crystal magic? I have one experience. I read that one should clean a crystal and then sleep… Seek More

Crystal Substance

Uses for crystals. Each crystal has its own specific resonance, and metals are also crystals. Copper and silver are very popular “metals” in metaphysical practices. Turquoise is a silver oxide not typically considered, but I will offer that you will… Seek More

Crystal Language

All patterns of any kind are information, which brings us to the subject of “crystal” language. Math is basically crystal language in that it forms ordered and static patterns and interacts with other values in a consistent or “quantum” way. Basic… Seek More

Practice Of Crystal Magick

How can we use knowledge of crystals to our advantage? Every disadvantage is the breakdown of a crystal like resonance, an entropy of an otherwise clear signal. All potentials that can manifest in life manifest in countless forms, many of… Seek More