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Shamans and Energy Manipulation in Crystals


What else are crystals used for? Energy manipulation? They can be used for energy manipulation. Have you ever wished you could get someone to do some energy work for you, but don’t know anyone you feel comfy with? Crystals are an intelligence, and can direct energies they bond with. They will tend to direct them in ways that match their character. So if you want a crystal to assist health, then quartz and its variants will likely be best.

Shamans sometimes use crystals in healing. For example, healing work on your stomach may go something like this. Your stomach feels very tight at first, and then seems to take on a “mind of its own”, and then like working out a kink in a muscle the issue reduces and eventually clears. The crystal is a Shamans spirit helper. The “mind of its own” was the crystal. He didn’t do anything more than help you work with his spirit helper. He may have been working with it to assist his healings for quite a while so they were a good strong team, or perhaps it was an inherited helper.

There are two ways to gain power as a Shaman, to inherit it or take it. Like many paths across the world it breaks down like that, but in shamanism the taking isn’t necessarily villanized. Though in South America they say the bruja is loco, they tend to follow the left hand path in an unbalanced way. It wasn’t so severe in the northern reaches of the American continent. They saw it more like nature, predation, and not necessarily involving bloodshed. One could become a Shaman by showing that you had more powerful vision that the tribal Shaman. This was considered the taking path. Like the Hawaiian Shaman they believed the mana or power came first. They don’t believe inherited power was inferior, if anything they favoured it as it was less radical. In the way of the Shaman not every spirit gave power, some took it and this was the reason for tribal taboos. Lands they spoke about not visiting.

So to refer it to crystals, some won’t give to you. They will take from you. A core of the shamanic ritual was the great giveaway. A spirit that takes from you isn’t evil necessarily, but you may not feel like you can lose that power. You won’t bond with a crystal that takes from you. Your energies will just not mesh. Many report hematite bleeds energy, and they use it like a leech to bleed a negative or harmful energy. Hematite energizes me.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Lisa

    Have you ever heard of the tube running down the body where if one needs energy all one has to do is ask and the tube is filled with energy for the service of giving? That the void is full of potential energy for use. So therefore we need not take energy just be of service and ask.
    Just food for though.
    Laughter and Love,

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