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Finding a Crystal in Crystals


To find a crystal, are there varying degrees of quality? Not quality, but there is differing character. They are like living things, if you don’t bond they disconnect. Sort of like someone who bonds with their houseplants. If they have a supportive energy themselves the houseplants will flourish. For some, crystals won’t be remarkably useful. This doesn’t mean they will be useless, but their energies will connect best only with a narrow set of crystals. For others they will connect with crystals in general pretty well, and will find a wide variety useful. For me the more volcanic minerals work, like obsidian.

It isn’t necessarily about any one part of a stone that you should make your choice. If you choose, it is the character of the stone. One yellow stone may drain you, another energize you. You can feel it when you touch the stone. It is not wise to buy a stone you haven’t first personally encountered. You don’t know how it will react to you, but like that feeling you get when first meeting someone, or more powerfully when you first shake hands, it will either feel dull and neutral, mostly not good for a general working stone, or will feel good like you just shook the hand of a good friend. It might even feel like a hug, or it will give a negative “touch me not” response and that stone should be avoided for any purpose save maybe personal testing.

If you want to look for a crystal, the principle of correspondence can help. Though my solar sign is a water sign, it’s also the sign governed by the moon, and my moon sign does govern me being modified by the sun sign. My moon sign is a fire sign, and volcanic stuff works well for me.

In a crystal shop, people will often give the crystals a ‘test drive’. If you go to a shop and they won’t let you hold the crystals just leave. There is a way of telling if the owner of a store is an actual practitioner or trying to capitalize on what they think is a fad. I have been given a cold shoulder in some shops myself, but my energy is not very harmonious and if they keep civility I show them respect also. It is best to buy supplies from a practitioner. Another red flag is if they say they already empowered any items. This would show ignorance. Their items will have their energy in them yes, but they won’t claim to be able to do your work for you.

Some have had some crystals programmed, and the crystals are different since they are “living”.  So like a pet they can be handled and programmed by another like a ‘crystal whisperer‘. But always question people like that, just as you might question a medium. The gift exists, but we don’t all have the same aptitudes largely because we don’t all have the same temperaments. The crystal whisperer will affect you like she was a crystal herself. That is the “sign” of someone who can do that. If you don’t sense that, you would be better off dealing with the crystal yourself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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