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The alienation of sudden death tends to warp the mind of the recently departed. The desire for the life they lost is heartbreaking, maddening even.

Elemental Conscious in Crystals


Most people seem to want to resist any identification. It has been my experience that we tend to be creatures of our elements, though these aren’t narrow. It is like the world was repeated endlessly with any color you choose, like those classic artists who used a single color for a theme. Though in fact we tend to not use one color only, we don’t use them all and we each have a personal rainbow. This is why anyone who says a color always means “insert meaning here”.  This is delusional.  This doesn’t even apply to physical observation.

Here is an example, you may observe my aura and noticed black in it. Many just automatically say that is bad negative energy and something is seriously wrong with me.  They don’t look any deeper, but for me it’s natural. It’s not that there is nothing universal, but you can make some serious logic errors.

It could be said that crystals form a baseline for the shared psychic consensus we call daily life. This is why things don’t change on a human whim.  The energies and matter that compose our bodies (the signal patterns) aren’t some special province of humans. Humans have just enjoyed free reign. Your dog might not always tell you what to do, likely not even often, but as it arises it can and will be very wilful.

Crystals affect us without our decision. There is a matrix of energy. A fabric that forms the substance on this stage we play out our lives. Before humanity was here there were consciousnesses. It is ‘The Field’, just narrow the domain. The primal beings, the devas, the demi-urge, the furries, the primal serpent, they were all here and are. They just didn’t incarnate in a way we recognize as life, though that is less clear in scientific circles now with Gaia theory and all that. Jormungand a.k.a leviathan is here. The networks of volcanic fissures in our seas circles our world (big loop), same as the world serpent was said to and is very electrically active. The bioluminescent patterns are linked to the volcanic vents and rifts and are ordered, thus biologists are trying to decode them. They will be able to. Viral codes all over the place, and more are airborne do to the disturbance of the feathered serpent, a.k.a the rivers of South America. Feathered serpent = Pazuzzu of the middle east.

Viruses have been proven to have a symbiotic agenda. We only get sick when that fails. The human genome project (HGP) showed whole copies of old viruses in our gene code, and even failing symbiosis they have an epigenetic impact. Epigenetic influences can impact nerve function, thus consciousness. Epigenetics are factors that can overwrite gene code to a limited degree. So an epidemic could be considered a mass genetic upgrade, and those who can evolve do so? Potentially, but they aren’t all equal. This is part of why some viruses make you immune to others.

Virus’ have a direct impact on human evolution whether we get sick or not, they’re actually supposed to as part of their purpose and have a consciousness similar to crystals. They can even crystallize. They tend to form hive consciousnesses, unlike crystals which are more open in communication. You can say crystals are more evolved, but this depends on how you look at it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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