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Crystal Magick in Crystals


The material uses of things in magic (or whatever you prefer to call your practice) stem from one type of insight, that the world is interconnected. Hermetic philosophy refers to these connections as correspondences, and they have been viewed in literally every mystical practice across the world.  This raises the question of: “What is power?” And “What is spirit?”

Many observations have been made about how anything is organized, even human DNA. Perhaps of some interest is that literally everything follows a crystalline pattern; water, gases, any solid matter. Human DNA seems to be based on a calcium rich clay matrix, and interestingly, so do quartz deposits.

Crystal magic is ultimately based on an “animistic” world view. That the crystals have a spirit. In animism, all that exists, exists because of a spirit behind it. Not necessarily a consciousness but still the foundation for consciousness, and crystals seem to be a very pure material manifestation of the spirits in the world. This is not something that can be approached in an entirely mechanical way. The “spirits” of crystals seem to be very conscious, if elemental.

It has even been scientifically observed that quartz crystal has an electrical emission almost identical to the human nervous system and seems to have a magnetic “memory.” Whether you want to ascribe consciousness to that or not is up to you. As for myself and my personal experiences, crystals have memory. I practice psychic communication techniques, and crystals respond to them. It is a very elemental consciousness. It could be said they form a baseline for the shared psychic consensus we call daily life, but they don’t have the form of cognitive function we do. Has anyone experienced this?

Places like Sedona California and locations in Arizona tend to have high concentrations of crystal deposits, and interestingly our personal energies might be differently effected by these presences than is popularly reported. Many temples were build on mineral heavy outcroppings, and crypts were built in granite zones, etc. Many people report strange, potentially religious experiences (depending on how you define it) in these crypts. The radioactive emissions from granite, which are in fact quite natural, have been proven scientifically to induce a trance like state, even “hallucination.” Seen from an occult point of view they just open the mind.  Also the electronic voice phenomena (EVP) has always happened even before we made our gadgets. The crystal heavy sites were always said to be places to meet spirits in general, not just elemental consciousnesses, and we use quartz in all our communication technology now.

Interesting point also is bone crystal and calcium level resonance. There was a place built with the consent of its devotees where instead of being interred, their bones were used to build a chapel. You may have heard of the place. No blood was shed there, but people still report “haunting” phenomenon there.

There’s an idea that all the range of human emotions have been spread throughout the earth held in the form of various crystals. It has been my experience it is. The supposedly “ethereal” akashic record and the taboo mystery planes are not so remote as people think. They are really pretty close at hand, but the priests must have their privilege.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Adam

    In the recent years I have broke from the Lutheran church and traditions, well all Chritians churches and traditions. I have held strong to the belief in Jesus being my Lord and Savior and to this day still believe the stories the Bible has to say about Him. I don’t believe, nor see, anywhere in the Bible that believing on His name is a free pass to Heaven while not believing on His name is a fast track to hell. I see many references to the contrary though, one powerfull message is “I am the truth the Light and the way, no one makes it to the father but through me.” and yet there is not a mention that “my name is the truth…” Jesus also says those who give to the least of the people will go to heaven. Yet the appostles and the churches from the early begining swear that you must not worry about just good deeds to others in need but to have faith in “the name of Jesus”. Well this is mans tradition, I know and truly believe that having faith in the words, works, and acts of Jesus and any other great teacher of love and kindness will bring us to a higher state of bliss after this life, regardless his name.

  2. Sal Mineiro

    Thank you for your enlightening article! My question is: Like planet Earth (with its 7 chakras), do other planets in our Solar System have chakras of their own? Are there any studies that you could share with us?

    Thanks a million!


    • Travis

      The other planets do have chakras of their own and they mirror earth. To search further, using the terms ‘telluric energy’ or ‘ley lines’ may be helpful. Be well.

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