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Your literal reality is part of the math that’s being done. You are the value that the universe is trying to get a sum for.

Forces Behind Blue Magick in Blue Magick

Blue Magick

All things are motivated by the person believing it will make them happy? What makes you believe?

What people tell you.

Imagination of an outcome?

I have never believed something just because someone told me, and have imagined outcomes I didn’t feel had a chance of ever happening.

Pretty much all our knowledge is stuff someone else told us. Is belief knowledge? Is the other way true?

I’d say neither.

A child believes many more things than they are ever told. If I may ask, I know you to be parents. Did your children display beliefs that had nothing to do with what they were told or taught?

Oh yes. Sometimes really rather strange beliefs, no?

Yes, there have been strange beliefs now I come to think of it. Did it really seem to come from the information around them? No.

Belief and emotion are the two primary forces behind blue magick, and paradoxically, they have everything and nothing to do with reality as we normally know it.

Do you ever find yourself doing something … something you don’t even necessarily like doing … just because you wish it would work?

Most of the time! That’s blue magick. It’s just blue magick that lacks resonance. To make it work involves restoring the resonance. To change the world do I have to rearrange it physically? Would that work? What if I did so repeatedly? Would that make the world change?

To a degree, the area you are changing would destroy it. I offer that over time it would be restored to it’s previous state, so is that real change?

I know some people who are always moving furniture in a room, but it doesn’t change the room. If I came and rearranged all the furniture in your house while you weren’t there to stop me, would I have really changed anything for you?

Well, what about Japan? The changes that are coming from that will have land return to its former state or will things change? The world sleeps. No one seems to really know why, but it does, and as it sleeps it dreams. I am not talking about idealism. Idealism doesn’t seem to matter much does it? Nature restores everything as much as it can. Even nature sleeps.

Isn’t today’s idealism, no idealism, rendering nothing ideal? Interesting point, and even the negative idealism is still a form of dreaming, and as much as they might want it to, it is not erasing ideas or destroying the emotion that motivates idealism.

The world dreams and sometimes it tosses and turns in it’s sleep. We get little upheavals, the occupy movement, the unrest in multiple middle eastern countries, then things go right back to sleep. New leader, old leader. Do things really change?

By world you mean humanity? I mean nature also. Even earth itself is suffering from a diseased sleep.

Nature is always changing. Nature is always keeping time, keeping it’s rhythms, preserving balance. It doesn’t change unless it has to. Is this unfair to say? It always tries to heal, to give rest.

The climate changes, meteors hit. Dinosaurs die off. Earth sleeps, not everything sleeps.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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