There is a mechanism behind sex. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

What is Waste? in Waste


What is waste, my friends?

  • A lost opportunity.
  • Stuff we don’t need?
  • Something squandered.
  • Excess.

All answers are valid because we all see it differently, and that is perhaps the key point. People often judge another with the lament, “What a waste.” I would ask, how do they know? Every choice of one thing involves an action that excludes another thing. In reality, nothing is wasted. Everything is contextualized. Reality is sort of like water, formless, but conforms to the needs of its living components.

I suppose it might be valid if someone was wasting your time intentionally? Hmm, well even that isn’t waste, but rather a parasitic relationship. They in all likelihood don’t feel they were wasting your time. How do we judge time wasted?

Personal values? Yes, inevitably. Events out of synch with your psycho/spiritual clock. It’s an extension of personal values your psyche projected into the event, more than the event itself.

Hmm, online it happens when you fill out a long form that gets timed out before you can hit enter. Indeed. Computers have an operational clock. It controls the speed and rhythm of processes to allow for both optimum function and integrity of the computer. We have a psycho-biological clock and it’s supposed to do the same thing, but we subscribe to an artificial construct. Time/calendars/societies perception of sequential events. Is this in our best interest?

People have different levels of patience. Indeed, they do. It’s sort of a barometer for how in synch or out of synch they are with their internal clock.

I have just realised that my truth held too much importance. If my truth is more important than anyone elses, I am in ego. So I have decided to strip all learning’s to date and start again. It has not been wasted time or energy, just lesson learned in being alive. You raise a valid point, and reverse engineering your personal reality paradigm is challenging, but let’s take an example from technology, Edison. He had literally 999 attempts to find a proper design for the light bulb. He was asked about his feelings regarding so may failures. He said he had no failures, but learned a lot about what wouldn’t work to make a light bulb.

In Taoism, they say that if you “fail” to do anything you haven’t proven your insufficiency to do it. You just haven’t found the way of it yet, and the way is its way, that event or actions way, and you create nothing. Instead, engaging a part of the infinite Tao.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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