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I don’t feel that people hurt because they are unenlightened. I feel they are unenlightened because they do not hurt.

Self Interest in Waste


The subject is waste, and people are very concerned with conservatism. It’s like saying “Here. Let me keep all the blood in your hand. You know you need blood in your hand right?” Taken to the extreme you will lose the hand. The same applies to psychic energy. “Here let me keep your energy on these thoughts only. You know you have to be aware of these concerns right?” This makes people crazy.

I have a practice I hold to, and I feel it serves me well. I don’t invalidate anything that’s in my head. Have any of you tried to dismiss something in your head just because you were told it’s bad to think about that? How did that work?

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Pretty well. It takes practice. Hmm, well in your case, it’s because you seize those mental resources for another purpose? Perhaps yes, and it’s not always completely successful. But I would ask you, why did you accept external censorship?

It seems more like an internal censorship. Yes. We internalize these commands quickly. We are well trained to do so, but did you yourself actually make the decision to censor? The people who are doing it claim that it’s for my good. That I’ll feel better. And yes, they invoke compassion/morality, always.

Have you ever bought something you really wanted, and though it didn’t derail any of your other needs, you were criticised for wasting your money? Now let’s be honest, if an impulse gets us in trouble, makes us loose housing or food or something, then yes, that disorder is a problem, but how often do we really do that? And when we do that, is it just out of the blue or is it because there is something else wrong?

Not often, unless there is some addiction. And yes, addiction plays heavily into the topic of waste. They even call it “getting wasted”.

Maslow, a psychologist I do respect and the first to focus on “well” minds, identifies the need to have an impact on our environment not as a whim or quirk, it’s a need. For our health, we need to be able to, at least from time to time, say “I want that … Oh, I can have that!” We actually get very twisted and even suicidally depressed if we genuinely entertain the belief that we can have nothing of the world. It’s perhaps one of the biggest psychic toxins we deal with. The idea that we cannot justify self interest, but what are we told self interest is?

That we can’t have anything that we don’t earn? How can we earn anything?

The phrase “waste not, want not” is stuck in my head. Excellent. I fully agree with it, but not for the reasons they say it. We reject a lot in our lives, don’t we? Always want the new and better thing, even without cause.

It could be said that all beneficence is enlightened self-interest. Indeed, I would agree. I will admit I want a new computer, but not because it’s the new and better thing. I want a new computer, because the functionality of my old one has slipped, and things I was engaged with are harder and may soon be impossible. What do we want that is ever anything other than a means to yet a different end?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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