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The great dharma wheel is nothing more complex than that. The big mystery in life is that there is no mystery.

Wasted Time in Waste


On the subject of time and the perceived passing of a life, all that constitutes our life endures in memory. By memory, I don’t mean human organic memory, but energy function based on memory. Functions, your actions, leave a causal imprint of “memory” on reality even if people can’t trace this energy back to its source. But we still have this relationship to memory, and not only our own. So why do we say people waste our time when we are all sharing the temporal dimension? It isn’t our time they waste, they waste our memory, but what is this action that would seem to be wasted memory?

They are basically making me look at things from their point of view when they are wasting my time. I agree, but what exactly is being effected in reality/us?

They shift our attention? They disrupt our internal clock. Because their view is dissonant with ours, their psychic functions imprint and “corrupt” our own. Sort of fragmenting our energy like fragmented memory on a hard drive.

Like the Point Of View gun in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? The person shot would instantly see things from the shooters point of view. Yes, a POV gun would be an obnoxious weapon. Trillian shot Zaphod several times, but when he wanted to try it on her she said “No, I’m already a woman”. Funny scene, but is their action hostile?

Not in their view. Not in literal fact either. The error is in you. It’s you who neglected your operating parameters. You are off your purpose.

And then we resent them for it, when it was actually us who were neglecting? Yes, such resentment is unjustified. If the event seems incoherent to you, that is about you, not about the event.

Unless the act is intentional. Intentionally messing with a rivals computer for instance. I would rather not live in a world where you must always watch your back. In this the information age, messing with someone’s computer is messing with their mind.

Now just like physics, any event will be either constructive interference, carry your process along and therefore not seem to be any waste, or it will be destructive interference, and not mesh and the energy of this clash depletes both “waves”.

You can crash someone’s career by crashing a computer. Indeed, very apt. You can crash their life by creating a viral psychic mnemonic as well. A viral “memory” because people sort the data in their heads very little if at all, and although the idea is false, it will be accepted as functional data. This is why even in psychology now, they identify psychosis as only the degree to which an individuals psyche deviates from a consensus. The construct called a “psyche” is infinitely mutable. The argument that “It’s just how I am” is a half truth, but if we, can would we not optimize our cognitive processing? Accept and utilize the information for what it is rather than start crying “I was made this way!”?

Not all seem to care. Oh, true. Instead they just spam the same neurotic lingual and somatic memories.

In fact, some seem to want to downgrade theirs. Yes, they corrupt their consciousness through addictive/compulsive behaviour. It does provide a false sense of “stability.”

I see people that I think must surely be hypnotised. Rhythmic repetition is the primary method behind hypnosis, and all you have to be is relaxed to take in the carrier data and integrate it as the brain naturally does. The consensus psychology has a “pulse” that keeps us all quite well lulled.

We always find faults in others to stop us journeying. It‘s ego saying no. I would argue we aren’t finding enough faults, because in the analytical process of fault finding you are left with just the elemental components and not the “ego” pattern.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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