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We have a root too, my friend. The mandala of the soul has a center.

Efficient Function in Waste


It seems to me that it isn’t a value system issue we are lacking, it’s a sense of our personal drives and cycles. I always say you really can know everything, just not all at once. Given time, your “time” dimension can extend through any probability, and you can have had contact with any and all possible happenings.

Time is an artificial construct we use to file and coordinate events. In nature there really is no waste. It all recycles. But this infinite temporal corridor is deleterious to our function in these “avatars” produced from earths resources. Again, it’s not being about time as much as resources, and the efficient functioning of the system.

Plus in nature, it is recognized implicitly that every path simply leads to the next, so there cannot be any waste. Exactly. Very simple switching happens atomically, happens organically, and happens cosmically.

Waste is a human invention. We have the waste construct in our heads, and I don’t feel that any psychic construct is totally invalid. We have a reason we formulate this idea. It allows us to build intention, and informs us of when we are not on intention. But we can lose nothing, because we can have nothing. Let me explain.

In Taoism, it’s said that the Sage in owning nothing has everything. Long story short, they don’t project identity onto systems that don’t correspond to their own functioning. They don’t say “that is in my head.” They don’t form that division in negative definition or positive definition.

In the Matrix, they discuss the issue of control. Control is our effort to reduce or eliminate waste. The way they resolved this issue in the Matrix is control was defined by having the power to terminate function. What other control is there?

In our bodies, we would surely die if the waste was kept around. So waste is not always a bad thing to me. Indeed, very appropriate, and in fact even that waste isn’t useless, and instead nature has been using it for a very long time. But yes, control is the power to waste, to end, or eliminate.

The power of life and death so to speak. Nature does not make waste, there is only fuel for another system. And in examining the systems of this world and how they function sort of holistically, the idea of selective control is a delusion. End anything in the environment, and you end only yourself.

We create reality and once we really understand how to do it to our liking, nothing will feel like a waste anymore. But that understanding is not attained by rejecting parts of human nature. Our own internal functions are extensions and reflections of the external functions we feel victimized by.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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