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The way of thought is the way of definition. A focusing of the minds eye to see details better. People mistake control for artifice, though artifice inevitably fails.

Consistent Power in Consistency


All of our senses function on one principle, and it is the consistency behind all senses. Attention. We have this power, because attention is the process by which we express our individual purposes here. How we are individuated in any way at all? We are here to “attend.”

Do you believe it has something to do with our calendars, since we are only conscious of what we pay attention to? Yes, but we must not mistake the calendar for the pattern in time itself. The cycle of events is organic. The calendar is not living. It can be one of two things. A reminder of our other power in this world, or an aimless aberration that just adds to our distress and making us lose sight of the reality behind it.

But the other power I speak of is intention. There is a lot of criticism voiced about intention, and on the surface this seems valid, but do we escape its presence in our awareness anyway? I will say no.

If you think you changed your mind, then the first idea was not your intention anyway. Exactly.

We are cursing a new word here in America, because of the “Power of Intention”. Indeed, and understanding is done a disservice by the commercialization of some of these concepts.

Retarded is now the r-word. Its literal meaning is backward, and what context do we actually have to judge much of anything backward? But intention is simple, it’s choice. Why does intention seem to be meaningless? Why doesn’t intention matter?

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and yes actually, the road to repetition is indeed paved with good intentions. How many people who “mean well” have a very consistent life? They mean well, but intend nothing. They have no connection with their intentions, and often hurt others though they don’t mean to. Pursue moralistic agendas because “they mean well”, and cause negative consequences which “aren’t their fault.”

Ah, like someone who does everything for a disabled person, and doesn’t even allow them to try? Good example. Intention is simply choice, but we mistake our choice, and we take choice from others. You don’t choose actions or possessions. If you did, then you would be content in a very short order, but these consequences of choice have no power to endure, and we are not content from this focus on events and objects are we? Anyone found peace there?

But for every choice we have an intention, and we need never fail in our intentions, in their fulfillment, because there is really only one form of choice, and it goes beyond any circumstance. We choose what we are, and for those who are very present in the world… Well, we all know them. They are often considered very charismatic, but how “consistent” are their lives?

Whirlwinds. Yes. Living, growing, and vibrant things. We each of us might have befriended one such person. Are they discontent? Are they unprincipled or destructive by necessity?

They are too busy doing. Yes, doing and learning, and doing better. Too busy learning about principles directly to engage in conjecture.

So the stable person is just stable, neither virtuous or vice ridden, neither noble nor ignorant, but the bottom line for all of us despite our temperament, is change will come. And there is a truth beyond “everything changes” and “all good things must come to an end”. For me good things don’t come to an end. For a time I even sought for them to. I had developed a profound disgust for the whole experience of life, but to my chagrin the good things didn’t stop. So instead I looked deeper. We all can.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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