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I think therefore I think. I think too much. Egad! I can’t stop thinking.

Guiding Dynamic in Consistency


So what in our own being is ever consistent? Is anything?

Change? Is the change aimless? If we err but must be consistent, then we must be “damned”? There can be no atonement or salvation, because consistency is virtue?

I think we only get aware of consistency when something changes in our life that we all of a sudden have to take a stand to. I would agree for the most part. I like a quote from Stephen King. “Hell is repetition.” I would say that consistency is either an adaptive defence, and in that sense perhaps pseudo-positive, or it’s a vice, and in that case consistently negative. What do you think?

I think being ready FOR change will make you live longer. Be ready for the unexpected. Growth seems to be a law of nature.

Is consistency and adaptation an oxymoron? I think consistency itself is inconsistent. To answer the paradox here, we have to go deeper. Life is change, and growth is a law of nature. Even to endure/survive something must grow or it dies, but, is there no guiding dynamic behind all this change? I offer that there is, and it isn’t something foreign to us. Quite the opposite it’s readily at hand and part and parcel of our being.

Endurance itself is an interesting concept. How do we know that anything still endures? How do we even know that we have, or that in any way we are even still alive? Entropy is the tendency of any ordered system to break down over time, and yet new organizations arise as often as old ones decay.

I would say that our bodies adapt. If we as living beings are burned, our flesh will blister. Yes, even blistering is a defence, and permits healing if you can withdraw from the fire. But as old relationships/orders decay, new ones form. What governs this new formation of order?

Memory seems to be a law of the universe as well. It shows in every science and in every form of life, though of variable quality. Information is preserved even if the original medium loses its form, and from information we derive new “phrases”, new structures, like a never ending song.

So the question becomes, what is the ultimate source of memory? I would reverse that, what is the ultimate source of matter? We have a system here that seems ready made to present us with information, sense objects.

Matter has one source, soul has another, but they have a partnership? I would say matter has as its source, soul. Matter being souls servant, and mind has as its source soul, but the principles of mind do not reflect the operation of soul. They serve according to the order reflected in matter/nature, or to state it more simply, the brain is an organ. Now is this relationship between the brain, the sense organs, and matter meaningless? I would say absolutely not.

But brain and mind are not the same? Hmm, brain and cognition are the same, awareness and cognition are not, and mind is an inclusive field. But would you say that this consistency we are looking for is somewhere in this realm? Would we find it anywhere else? In my experience, the material realm seems to be all about change. The only change not permitted by it is non existence. To use a science saying “nature abhors a void”. So, where in this field is consistency? What part of you is still alive from the moment of your origin, and is capable of noticing the mortality of all these things, like thoughts, feelings and opinions, as well as material states?

Soul? Love? Soul is love. Is why it enters into this complex and often troublesome system of relationships. It has its own reasons, but what does this mean for us? Where is the ultimate purpose to be found, and why all this consistency? I would offer that we seek to preserve the surface, but neglect the center. Without the center nothing endures, which just makes us more panicky and grief stricken, fearful.

All that exists in material manifestation has for its origin the same source as we do, and the thousand things as the Taoists say are totally in order. But we seek power over surfaces, because we believe surfaces have power over us. What power does my aging body actually have over my total being? In my experience none. It just continues to provide experiences, though those change. What power do I have over my aging body? Well, in context it exists because “I” exist. Does it not? So, does this “I” sit inert?

It is an extension of the inner “I”? Or perhaps is it the only thing possessed of the power of endurance?

It has influence if we choose to listen. It has influence if we choose right identification, which is in a sense choosing not to listen, or rather keeping your “listening” in its proper functional context, and not mistaking it for a source of more truth than its limits allow.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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