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“It’s a luxury to be understood.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. A mission to understand. Know thyself.

Don’t Worry, Imagine in Anxiety


Anxiety is a very real force, and it destroys things in our lives. You cannot solve a problem in the same state of mind that you become aware of it in. It’s that state of mind that gave rise to it. Has anyone had anxiousness ever help them deal with anything? Did it help, or did it just not stop you?

Focus isn’t anxiety. If you want a clean house, you don’t get anxious about your cleaning do you? I suspect you just experience a need to clean. Do you debate whether or not you should clean, or feel like you should clean but then not?

Well all subjectivity aside, they have done research on stress and performance. There are some who say they perform better under stress, but this has proven to be a half truth at best. You can acquire a skill in an altered state like stress, but you will acquire it to only a limited degree. Stress inhibits learning. Think of the best athletes you know. Aren’t they the most casual in body language or demeanour when discussing their calling? The high stress ones tend to be middle of the road in skill at best, do they not? Do the worriers you know ever run out of things to worry about? Do they live life with more skill because they worry?

Worry is actually a natural faculty, we just misuse it. It has been proven that we don’t respond to reality. We respond to what we imagine reality to be. Warriors imagine a lot of problems. Do they ever lack problems? They are very set on solving them, but imagination is stronger than will. Will as most people define it doesn’t even exist, and for most it’s a reactionary resistance to change. Not a very functional attribute is it?

Can you recall the last time you were very anxious about something? Afraid to go on the street, so the last time you took a walk you had a panic attack? Can you think of any way in which your imagining of the walk made it better for you? Now no amount of willing yourself to stay calm helped did it? But when you took in your surroundings more, and re-evaluated what overwhelmed you (which maybe took a bit), did you find after you could manage? We are what we imagine ourselves to be. If we imagine ourselves to be vulnerable we don’t protect ourselves better. We just get more skittish. If we imagine ourselves to be safe then we look around more and make clear decisions. Does the person who imagines they are unintelligent solve problems? If not, is it because they can’t? Does the person who imagines they are smart solve problems? They create them too, because they identify with being a problem solver.

Distress is a reaction like pain. It serves as an alarm, but should not be chronic. It is counterproductive then. Distress can also be a proper reaction to an imagined truth. We will worry. In that we will dwell. The mind does it naturally, and this is also called an attention pattern. What you are aware of is what you dwell on. This is why anything ever seems consistent. What you dwell on is what you dwell in. If I’m cooking and dwell on the knife being able to cut me, what’s likely to happen? If I don’t want it to happen what do I have to do? Clear my mind of the idea the knife will cut me.  You do that by imagining something else. The finished meal perhaps. This keeps you focused on what you are doing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Argent

    I get this, but I seek this article to help with my problems on the matter. The first thought that comes to mind is the realization of how I’ve built my self image. True, the way I think of myself changes alot, mostly for the worst. Sometimes I can build myself up high, but it only lasts a few days until I’ve completely lost sight of it, probably because I spent so much energy focusing on it as if it were a Giant sign I need to hold up to remind myself. Even the solution that sparks in my mind involves destroying my own image and rebuilding it…. Which is obviously going to start this cycle again. Those are my thoughts on the matter. I find your words accurate and dead on, but my mind anxious to find answers hasn’t derived the solution from this.
    Perhaps the fact I come seeking for answers aren’t going to allow them to manifest that easily.

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